Harbor Freight GH Panel Fix

Nell Jean
9 years ago

Our HFGH passed its 4th birthday intact but with yellowing of the panels. About 3 weeks ago we had a terrible thunderstorm with hail and high winds. Golf ball sized hail made tennis ball sized holes in the roof panels on the north.


The storm blew in from the northwest. We found one of the south roof panels 20 feet off the ground in a cedar tree.


A second storm the following week took off most of the south roof panels and some side panels. The reinforced frame and doors are intact.


Old panels are brittle and the least force will break them. We are in process of replacing every panel but high winds have stopped us for a while and a storm is predicted for tonight. The fix is to order new panels and clips all around.

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  • javan
    9 years ago

    I use screws for my hfgh panels. Mine is 5 years old, and the panels have not come off in hurricane force winds since I put the screws into the panels and frame. My panels are cracking in spots, and I will replace them in the next year or two. Best of luck with yours.