HFGH and two questions

15 years ago

Been reading for quite a while now. Running out of time - kiddos need to be put to bed! :-) I thought I would ask these a few questions:

1. Location and orientation of the HFGH:

a. Does the HFGH have to be out in the open or can it be placed on the north facing wall of a house?

b. Does the orientation have to be towards any particular direction? N, S, E, or W

2. This is probably my best selling point to DH: Can you grow tomatoes during the winter in North Alabama (zone 7a). He has always wanted to do this. If not, I will come up with some other compelling reason to purchase one.

3. It seems that Harbor Freight has them for $329. Is that a price that they always have or do the come on sale?

Thanks so much!!!!!!!! You guys are great. This may make my dreams come true!

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