I've been hit

12 years ago

Not sure how strong the winds were, but woke up this morning to tornado watches and realized that I left 2 window vents open...YOu can imagine my horror...went out to close them to dicover 3 panels out (the 2 by the door and one on the north side. fortunately they were ripped off in tact...One was hanging by a screw at the bottom (the 4th one) which I taped into place. the whole back top panel of the 3 odd shaped pieces were blown out and the metal frame pieces were bent.

Interestingly enough, these were all areas (except the one side piece) that I suspected as being weak...the panels aside each door dont have ANYTHING to attach to at the top...how efficient is that..UGH

Anyway, it appears that the clips and the 3 screws we put onto each side panel helped all but one!!!

From what I can see, the panels are intact and there! so I know we can repair it...and buddy, I'm bringing out the big guns now!! REINFORCEMENTS here I come.

I pray that this weather has not hurt anyone else (or anyone else's GH).

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