Connecting two HFGHs together.

15 years ago


I did try to search for this info, but search doesn't seem to work anymore. I was hoping that some who sucessfully connected two of the HFGHs together could share their experiences in doing this, photos would be nice too :). I considered many options for a small greenhouse, building my own, 6x8 vs 8x12 and now connecting two HFGHs for a 6x16 space. Due to the sun angle across my back yard the 6x16 space may have a better advantage for me, as I could get more sun exposure across one longer side. At $650, the price is reasonable too. I'm not really looking to break the bank on a greenhouse, figuring final costs after setup would be in the $1,200 range after adding extra fans, vents, openers, base, shelves and heater for early spring to early winter use. Already ran power and water to the location.



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