Anyone have experience with a Travis Yoder Greenhouse?

7 years ago

Hi all - last weekend, we took down the mangled 6x8 Harbor Freight greenhouse we inherited with our house when we purchased it. Don't worry, it's going to a good home (my mother's) where she plans to have my step-dad rebuild it and create a "folly"/herb garden out of it.

We'd thought we would custom-create our own greenhouse (or, greenshed as DH is calling it because I need space to store all my gardening stuff, so we wanted a hybrid potting shed and greenhouse) but I recently ran across a Craigslist post for a man in Arkansas who builds greenhouses and can deliver to this area and am considering going that route instead. I googled it and he has even been written up in several Arkansas newspapers for employing local people, giving the local wood mill work, etc.

He has offered to call me when he makes his next delivery to OKC and let me come look at one in person before it's delivered to a customer, but I'm not sure exactly when that would be so I thought I would ask here, too. Does anyone know anyone or have a Travis J Yoder greenhouse from Arkansas? I'd like to know how they are working for people, advantages/disadvantages, quality of workmanship, etc. You know, all the things you want to consider if you're going to drop a chunk of change on a big purchase!

There are options like an auto vent on the back wall, dutch entry door, shelves, etc.

I don't want to link to a Craigslist ad on GW, but if you look at OKC's CL and search greenhouse you will find it. Here is a pic:

P.S. I've cross-posted this to the OK Gardening forum, since this might be more of a local/regional thing for my area but I thought it couldn't hurt to widen the net here in the GH forum. Thanks!

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