Solar Power - Heating Cooling Ventilation

12 years ago

I've been reading all sorts of info on solar power, and given how much sun my greenhouse gets, I thought I'd ask a few questions. First let me say I'm just looking for supplemental power. I have a full heating, ventilation and cooling system--however if I can get free solar, why not try it. Next let me say I'm no electrical engineer. I've seen tons of threads with DC inverters and stacks of batteries laying in the corner of the GH...this is probably not for me. So given that, what's out there for heating cooling and ventilation that is fairly tunkey (i.e. buy it and install it--no engineering degree required). I DO plan to experiment with some black water drums for passive heating, and I do plan to play with some of the cheaper solar fans out there...but what else is out there to tap into the free solar energy??

Ar there solar fan, ventilation or heating systems you can simply buy and install to supplement the real heating and cooling? How helpful are water drums?

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