HFGH is up

13 years ago

Whew!, I know I once said I wouldn't buy the HFGH because of all the frustrations just sorting through the instructions, not to mention the missing parts. After much consideration, I decided to get one. When I talked to HF, they said the instructions were updated 06/06.

I have to tell you, I didn't have half the problems most people here had. Only one or two glitches but they were sorted out after staring at it for a while. They must have taken care of most of the old issues in the new instructions.

This is the first time I've built one from a kit, all my other ones were from scratch. This baby went up fairly easy. It seems to be solid (except for the base but "gardenerwantabe" has addressed that issue in another thread.

Thanks "stressbaby" & "jimmydo2" for the suggestions on after-market considerations.

The best thing about this GH are the FREE TOOLS.

Have you seen what you get? A regular wrench, an allen wrench and most of all, the thing comes pack in its own metal-framed potting bench. What a deal :-]


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  • gardenerwantabe
    13 years ago

    Glad to hear that the instructions are better. I spent a lot of time on the phone to harbor Freight telling them about all the things that were wrong with the instructions.

  • oregon_veg
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    It obviously did a lot of good, people calling with concerns about the instructions.
    I wouldn't even flinch at building another one.
    I would actually encourage anyone thinking about a greenhouse to consider this one. For the money, it's good deal.
    I just feel sorry for all of you who had to go through the trials of the old instructions.


  • glennkawesch
    13 years ago

    Would it be possible for someone to scan the instructions so that those of us that are considering purchase could view what we are getting into?

    Glenn Kawesch

  • russh_nepa
    13 years ago

    I downloaded the instruction directly from HF website. Just checked, and it is still there. Go to www.harborfreight.com search for greenhouse. Select 10x12 greenhouse, then look for a PDF link to the manual. The manual is actually the instruction book. 20 pages.

    BTW- I am halfway through putting mine up, and I agree with all of the comments regarding the lack of clarity in the instructions. I put some together, realize it's wrong, take it back apart and do it right. Clear pictures would have gone a long way. But it is looking OK despite everything.

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