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December 18, 2006


I have a smallish room attached to the south side of my house which still contains the remnants of a hot tub. I am removing all that and planning to make it into a green house / sun room. It has a cement floor and is insulated on all sides with rigid foam insulation. There is an old (nonfunctional) sliding glass door which faces south that already gets it pretty warm in the winter. But it really cools off at night. Also 2 medium windows One faces west and the other east. Currently I use it for sprouting native plants & keeping my lemon alive in the winter. It is an add on so the wall against the house is the outside brick siding I have on my house.

My question is this. I wonder if anyone has built a long narrow cistern along the side of a building to be used as heat / cool storage to even out temperatures. It would sort of be incorporated into the wall. I know folks have used barrels and in greenhouse ponds but I don't want to use up the space inside. I would probably paint it white on the outside and use active solar to heat the water because otherwise the greenhouse would be unbearable in the summer. I have thought I could blow dry outside air down the length of it in the summer to provide a sort of evaporative cooling.

What do you folks think? Would it work? What problems would I have with such a system? Am I crazy (my family thinks so)??


P.S. I have a lot more questions but I thought I would start with the big one.

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