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flies in compost?

14 years ago

4 ziploc bags filled halfway with water and a penny in each one to repel flies?.

Ever hear about this?

I had to add browns to my compost pile because last week I cleaned out my pantry and ended up with 40 lbs. of dry food. I wasn't quite sure what else I needed to add to it to get rid of the smell. Finally, this morning I added small branches along with more dried leaves. I've never had problems with flies in my compost, but they were all over it, even after I covered it with leaves and branches. So, I found this crazy idea, maybe I found it here, not sure, to hang baggies filled halfway with water and a penny to repel flies. So I tried it, hung 4 baggies around my compost and presto! All the flies were gone within 15 minutes and there was a ton of flies. I will have to check in the morning to see if the flies are still gone. I sure hope so!

Does anyone know why this would work?

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