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OT: dogs and garbage cans

15 years ago

I apologize for bringing up something so off-topic -- many on this forum are great problem solvers, though.

We have a neighbor that lets their dogs roam, which leads to at least one morning a week where we go out to find our outdoor cans tipped and garbage spread around the yard.

I considered weighing down the cans with some old bricks we have, but the garbage men have to be able to lift the can. Would getting new lockable cans be sufficient? There are at least two larger dogs.

If the list can figure out how to keep a bear out of a compost bin, I thought someone might be able to suggest a simple solution.

To bring this back to compost: for those of you that do sheet composting or make lasagna gardens, do you find that loose dogs tend to dig in your stuff? I'd love to put some pumpkins and such out on the area that I've staked out as my next bed, for example, but I don't want to encourage the dogs. I had also thought about doing some blender composting over the winter to add to my current bed, but again, I don't want dogs digging around in there.

(Dog disclaimer: I have nothing against dogs. I don't have much against dogs that are loose if they are well-mannered. We have had neighbors in the past call city animal control over loose dogs, but I'd rather not them. I'm not even sure exactly which neighbor it is, so that makes it difficult to just ask them outright.)

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