What killed my beta?

15 years ago

HeÂd gotten a lot browner in recent weeks. Then suddenly he lost all color (shedding scales), stopped eating, and was extremely weak (mostly lay sideways on the bottom all day). No blotches, spots, or unusual eyes that I could see. I added ich treatment and antibiotic powder, and also aquarium salt. Also made daily partial water changes for a week. At first I thought he was getting better, but now I think he was just stirring when the water stirred and trying to come up for air.

IÂd like to know what he died of so I can prevent it happening to another fish. Also, how can I "sterilize" his bowl and stuff from whatever killed him?

BTW, I gave him one pellet of Beta Gold 6 days a week; fasted on the 7th, per instructions from the aquarium store where I got him. He never seemed interested in other foods I offered. Was this best for him?

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