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Two identifications, and one big problem.

11 years ago

I need the help of all you rose experts for a couple of items. First, I have two identifications for you. 1) There is a rose planted at my mothers home which was given to her some years ago, without a name. It is a remontant type, blooming even as we speak, with clusters of small blooms in the slightly double form with exposed centers, ranging in color from a medium pink at bud to a barely there pink at full bloom. The shrub itself is upright, probably around 6' tall (in zone9a North Florida) with a spread of around 3-4'. Fairly twiggy growth, but it is in partial shade, so I not sure if that is how it would normally grow. No discernable scent, but my nose is a bit wonky.

2) Is not a rose, but a shrub that I saw recently in sarasota and would like to use in my yard as a hedge.

Finally, I need advice on what may be wrong with a rose in my yard. It is a modern rose, Floribunda Our Lady of Guadalupe. I know that isn't an OGR, but still perhaps I could get your opinions. In the last week, it has gone from glossy dark green foliage to entirely yellow and defoliating. It was planted last spring and had been doing so well in the garden. All the roses around it seem to be just fine, no sign of any problems. I am baffled.

Link to my blog below to view the images of these three conundrums.



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