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How do you separate a pup?

16 years ago

Can pups just be pulled away from the big plant?

I recently bought a Hardy Banana plant from Lowes (Musa 'basjoo')

and it has a pup growing with it. The label says -20 F so I'm going with it. I was real skeptical of 3 Crape Myrtles and a Red-Tipped Photinia that I bought from them in late 06', (I had the receipts at the ready), but they all made it thru the Winter and have bloomed nicely this Summer, with serious die-back. The Red-Tipped Photinia didn't die-back at all.

So anyway, I am giving Lowes stuff a chance I suppose. I am going to try to over-winter it outside in the ground (with mulch of course).

If it grows next year I sure would like to get the pups off of it.

Are pups part of the root system of the big plant?

If anybody is wondering, no I don't expect bananas in Kansas City, I'm a leaf man.


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