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Expedition Simanek to the Alps

The Family Simanek discovered a new Pinus cembra broom in the Austrian Alps. Obertauern means the Higher Tauern mountains. The broom was found by Lady Lenka Simanek. Thanks for the new discovery!

Expedition Obertauern AUT Simanek CZ photo

Pinus cembra Obertauern Simanek CZ photo

Pinus cembra Obertauern Simanek CZ photo

Discovered first in 2011 as a 100 x 50 cm broom, and now partly cutted for propagation.


Comments (5)

  • monkeytreeboy15
    9 years ago

    Very nice and thick!
    You didn't cut the whole broom?


  • mesterhazypinetum
    Original Author
    9 years ago

    They take only parts of the brooms. October grafting is riskant, and if failed they can go back for new scions.

  • ireena (zone 5-6)
    9 years ago

    Probably a stupid question, but I am not a professional in this case. But I am learning:) Is October grafts placed in a warm greenhouse? The additional lighting?

    Here were placed detailed explanation of grafting. I found a number of interesting WB and highly want to try:))

    Probably for the beginner better to wait to the spring of grafting?


  • Simoni
    9 years ago

    Hi Ireena,
    for beginners it is better to graft in the spring.
    Unfortunately, when it's time for grafting is at this altitude still very much snow and scions are unavailable.
    Now screwed into the cold greenhouse, is needed to very high humidity. No additional lighting. Grafts have increment approx 8 weeks. For take out 10 to 12 weeks out of the greenhouse. Still, it's a very risky venture.
    We're talking about the conditions of central Europe.
    L+M S

  • ireena (zone 5-6)
    9 years ago

    Thank you, Simoni, for a recommendation. I also think so. Wait until spring. These grafts grows close to my home and I can take them at any time:)