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Dahlias in Georgia

October 28, 2010

Hi y'all. I'd like to plant some dahlia tubers in the spring because my front garden beds get FULL sun all day. My concern is that dahlias I'd planted in the past I'd bought based on the picture on the package where the flower was pretty, but overall the plant was quite unattractive. Since these are going in my front flower beds, I'd really like for the whole plant to be attractive. Any suggestions for full sun loving, zone 7, attractive foliage and flowering, dahlias??


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  • marty_h

    It's possible that you could make the plant more attractive by pruning it. E.g. you're supposed to snip the growing tip when it's still small; and I've read that the more flowers you cut, the more you get.

    Another idea might be to place 3 of the same variety of dahlia in close proximity, to get a fuller look - the same as what people do with roses.

    A third idea is to look at plants with smaller flowers, 3-4 inches. In my own experience, those have been more prolific and nicer looking plants.

    I love shopping online for dahlias for the better selection. I've bought mine from Swan Island and had great luck. You could call up and ask their advice, too.

  • mackga

    You can get a list off the Dahlia Society of Georgia website that will tell you which dahlias do best in georgia. Here is the link
    Make sure and read the newsletters

    Here is a link that might be useful: Check out the Barry Gardens

  • dcrews21

    Try "bedding dahlias", as they are Compact and less leggy, gangly and don't require staking. They are perfect for beds and borders, and you care for them just the same as the taller types. Often they are started from seed, rather than from tubers, but this is as easy as starting zinnias or anything else.


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