Terraces Garden, driveway side,

9 years ago

The terraces garden now early in the spring. I just got those Portulacas planted and mulched in the bottom terrace. They have flower buds but not ready to bloom yet. Then there are zinnias planted behind the middle daylilies in the second terrace.

Up on the third terrace lillies are growing well. I already planted nasturtiums there in the middle. The Hummingbird mints are also growing there and bloom from late spring until frost. I also transplanted my two geums up to that third terrace.

Meantime Lillies and daylilies growing really well in the garden all along the driveway.

The view along the front yard is quite differant than earlier in the spring when it had all the daffs and tulips for color. It does have afew iris starting to open with more to come and by June the roses will bloom. Plenty of color then. After the roses finish the daylilies bloom.

TB iris clump Rio Rojo

TB iris Spot Starter and Prague

Sideyard View

Thru the Lupines.



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