Finally...Rabbit Free!!!!!!

July 1, 2006

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with my garden project all season so far. We have had a terrible rabbit problem. Everything I planted they ate. I tried pretty much everything, even resorted to Liquid Fence, hoping it wouldn't smell as bad as I remembered from a friend's attempt. IT DOES!! To everyone but the rabbits! They were back a couple of days later, and I decided I would give up on gardening rather than do that again. The only thing left to do was to install hardware mesh on the wrought iron fence. I really have been resisting that, because I thought it would change the whole look of the garden.

Last week I came out to find one of the !@#$%^&*!!!!! devils feasting on my new baby Belinda's Dream. It had dug under the wire cage I had put around it. When I stomped toward it it just looked up at me as if I was the intruder!

I suppose I could have caught that one inside the cage, but I was worried about the rest of the rose, and what's the use anyway, it seems to have a hundred relatives in the neighbourhood...

The next day we started digging down about a foot, all around the 140 feet of fencing, and buried and attached the mesh. It was a huge job, but ohhh... the victory is sweet!

It looks better than I expected, and now when things can grow, it will probably help disguise it a bit anyway.

The first evening after we were done, we sat on the porch and watched the rabbits literally press their noses against the fence, most likely wondering what happened to their salad bowl. I am now looking forward to trying to repair some of the damage they did.


Comments (6)

  • debbieca

    I sure can't tell from the photos, but it must have been a real pain of a job!

  • gardeners_hands

    Victory IS sweet!
    What did you do about the gates?

    Your yard is lovely now, it will be stunning when you don't have so much 'help' with pruning.

  • lorinscott_1

    Let's hope that keeps the little buggers out of your garden! Great job....from the pictures, you can just barely see the mesh.

  • hedgwytch

    Well, I can't even see the mesh. Your yard is gorgeous, and so's your house! I can see why you were in such a war with the rabbits. You've got a lot of time and sweat equity in that garden, not to mention the emotional attachment. I'm glad you won. Looking forward to more pics.


  • elisabeth_rose

    Thanks for the nice comments. I don't know why it took me so long to get to this point! It is so nice to know that now I can plant whatever I like without worrying whether it will attract more rabbits. I even planted cat mint, hoping that would attract cats, who would.... you get the picture..
    Instead the varmints ate the cat mint too!! GH- The gate got the same treatment as the rest of the fence. That of course, could not be dug down, but we ended the mesh about 1" from the pavement, and since they can't dig there, it should be OK. ( My sanity depends on it!)
    I am including a couple of pic's of our courtyard, inside the wood fence. That was rabbit proofed last year by digging down mesh and attaching it to the bottom of the fence. I have been so busy with the front garden that I have not had much time for that yet, but it does have my ONE AND ONLY total gardening success story so far! My 2 new Annabelles. They were planted about 6 weeks ago as 18" high in 2-gallon pots. Just look at them now!!!

    Drum roll please.....


  • Hollywog

    Sooo beautiful! One of my non-gardening friends who has a very spoiled, very picky pet rabbit just offered to give me a bag of rabbit food that wasn't up to par for little 'Trixie' so that I could 'feed the bunnies in my gardens'. Well, I don't have any bunnies right now, and I certainly don't want to attract them by offering food to them!!! I politely suggested that the local animal shelter might be able to use it!
    Remind me to thank my kitty and my dog later for keeping the bunnies away!

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