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Dr. Wyche seeds: beans, tomatoes, ?

18 years ago

Hi, Folks - happy holidays to you all.

I was browsing through the SSE public catalog and discovered that the Cherokee Trail of Tears bean and the Dr. Wyche Yellow tomato are from the same source. In the bean description it says Dr. Wyche's Cherokee ancestors carried them West. Cool, I have (sort of distant) Cherokee relatives and am interested in indigenous gardens anyway.

In the tomato description it talks about Dr. W fertilizing his garden with elephant and lion and tiger manure, as he was owner of Cole Bros. Circus. Well, my grandfather was with Russell Bros. Circus in the 30s, and it was later bought up by Cole Bros. and we had family friends on Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. all these years, up until about 5 years ago when the last one finally retired - Jimmy James, the ringmaster.

So I am seriously intrigued with this Dr. Wyche character, and I am wondering (see, this really IS on topic!) ---- what other varieties might originate with him? Do any of you know of any more, besides the one bean and one tomato?

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