Strawberry in Hawaii

11 years ago

When I first saw my first ever strawberry plant that was being sold at Home Depot, I was very wary that it will not grow in Hawaii's tropical weather condition. A year before that, I was told that I couldn't plant rambutan tree in the arid, dry, climate of Waipahu, so my skepticism was a bit stronger than usual. Rambutan requiring a subtropical climate and I used to assume that strawberries are only grown in area where it is seasonally snows.

Last month at the Oahu Urban Garden Center, I saw once again a strawberry plant and it was being sold. Unlike the strawberry I saw at Home Depot in the past, this plant has bigger and darker leaves, which indicate it is more mature. With the success I had with the Golden Dorsett Apple that I planted last year, I was excited buying it. A few days later, it bloomed and produced fruits:

More than a week ago, Home Depot was selling strawberries again and it was producing runners (daughters). I immediately bought three small pot of strawberry plants full of runners. During the transportation, some of the runners broke. I planted the three strawberry plants in a wide pot and forced the runners to touch the soil so it will root. Then I filled the left-over containers with potting soil to plant the broken runners, a few hours later it started to wilt; I then decided to place the whole thing in Sam's (or Costco's) rotisserie chicken container that I saved, I put on the lid to have a humid condition, and placed it in a bright area, but not directly from the sun. With that three plant that I bought, it produced over a dozen new plants currently, and it still producing more!

Here is the question:

What is the season for strawberries in Hawaii?

Does any one the characteristic of the ever-bearing and seasonal strawberries?

In what months does the strawberry usually bear fruits for you?

I know that Garden Isle Dave has this plant, as well as other members--I searched strawberry in this Hawaii forum--so you may know more about it.

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