Pruning Hostas in Spring after hail

7 years ago

So here in the great state of Oklahoma, our weathermen tell us hail is coming a lot in spring but we are usually lucky and it either misses us or it doesn't happen. Last night our luck ran out and most of my hostas got severely damaged. It's just sickening. We have had a rainy spring and they looked so healthy. I took the time to sprinkle crushed egg shells around the base so the slugs wouldn't eat them. I usually cover them but they were getting so big and the tubs i use didn't cover them anymore. I wish i could tell them to get back in the ground when they start popping up at the end of March but that's like talking to a man LOL, I kid, i kid. My question is, if i prune the leaves that are the most damaged, will they grow back or will it damage the whole plant. our summers are brutally hot and usually dry.


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