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Paniculatas season started!

15 years ago

OK, probably down South it's in a full swing already and up North it will start any day/week if not already started, but I would like to start this thread for everyone to post pictures of different paniculatas because this is the only hydrangea's group where northern growers could fairly compete with a southern growers and let deep-southern one greening with envy. At last. :-))

I'll start first. Please contribute. The more pictures and more different cultivars than better.

Quick Fire was true to advertising and start blooming for me at the end of June. Nice and quite different than Tardiva or Kuyshu lacecap version of paniculata.

Right now it just beginning to lose its pure white color and start transitioning to greenish pink exactly at the same time when PG start turning from green to white.


Little Lamb was the second one to bloom. Obviously full sun position helps.

Second week of July

Last week of July

Then a 'princess' Kuyshu decided to display all its beauty.

In a third week of July it was almost ready...

...but now it's in a full glory

PG probably need another week or so (in part shade)

Limelight (in even deeper shade) and Tardiva (in full sun) will need another two weeks. I'll show them later.

Show us yours!

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