Live and Learn- Plantskydd Deer repellent

15 years ago

Whoever said "deer haven't read the deer-resistant plant list" weren't kidding.

I tried Plantskydd as a last resort this evening. The deer have been ravaging my flower gardens despite the Deer-Off, Bobbex, Deerout, yada, yada, yada.

This stuff (made from bovine or pig blood) comes highly recommended and is supposedly 100% safe, but the smell is revolting. Manure smells good compared to this stuff. The label does not warn you at all that it may make you hideously nauseated.

The sprayer was drippy and didn't work well, and by the time I was done I (and my garden) looked like I had sacrificed a lamb.

Does anyone have experience with this stuff? Does the odor go away? Does the bloody look go away? Yikes!

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