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Crape Myrtle: cut the flower, plant grows faster?

13 years ago

I've got some young crape myrtles (Natchez and Dynamite Reds). The oldest one's have been in the ground for two years.

*To encourage growth of the smallest ones, is it any good to snip the blooms off of them?

*Also, is there any harm in pruning year round on a Crepe Myrtle? These plants seems so vigorous that I doubt it, but don't know.

By the way, the Natchez crepe myrtles are growing at stunning speed. The one's I planted two years ago were belly high. Now, they are well, well overhead and wider than I am tall by a big margin. Only honeysuckle can compete with these guys for growth speed. I want to create a forest of them... sort of like the UT gardens only spaced further apart.

Hmmm, can I attach a photo?


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