Dying Eugenia Topiary - Please Help!

13 years ago

I have a problem with my Eugenia topiary. I bought it at a Home Depot a few weeks ago and it seemed to be fine. However, when I was repotting the plant, I noticed a lot of centipedes, so I took the plant and washed down the roots and dirt leaving only the roots exposed but I quickly repotted it using potting soil into a smaller pot than the one it originally came with. It seemed to be doing fine, until now. The leaves are shriveling and falling off, and I seem to be loosing the bottom tier/ball. Is there anything I can do to save it?

I really don't know what I'm doing wrong

Could it be the centipedes and I haven't noticed any centipedes at all, and I'm not sure if I might be overwatering it? Or if the pot is too small? (just a note, the pot its in does not have a drainage hole)

Thank you

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