Dracaena Compacta BLOOMS!

14 years ago

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone else has ever seen a dracaena compacta bloom? I've looked all over the web and have only found pics of the dracaena fragrans in bloom. This is the second time this plant has bloomed for me, both times after repotting. The first time it bloomed, it split into 3 branches from the top, where the bloom had been and then grew 3 additional branches at the base of the plant. After repotting this year, it bloomed again but not just in one place, 3 blossoms, each from the top of 1 of the 6 branches it split into last time. I'm nervous. This plant is going to be huge. If it split into 3 branches last time, this time, I'll have 9 more branches! The bloom grew in a few weeks and the flowers opened up and lasted a few days before the bloom started to turn brown. The fragrance was sweet but different from a normal flower sweet. I thought the blossom looked a lot like cauliflower. Also, I've heard before that this plant will die after it blossoms, i think an old wive's tale, since obviously my plant is in it's second blooming and looking very, very healthy. Has anyone ever heard of a dracaena compacta blooming? If so, any suggestions on its maintenance? Shoud you cut the flowers off after they die. Should I somehow restict it's growth? Any other tips? Thanks!

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