Amazon Lily (Eucharis grandiflora) Help......Please

May 16, 2006

I have been growing a few Amazon Lilies (Eucharis grandiflora) in a pot for about 3 years now. It grows very nice foliage but has never bloomed for me. I grow it inside, near a north east facing window and I keep the soil moist but not wet. I fertilize every couple months with miracle grow, but this only encourages it to grow more foliage. Last year I put it out side where it got a small amount of late day sun in order to encourage it to bloom. Still no luck. Can anyone give me any advise on how I may be able to get it to bloom? LMK

Thanks, Pat

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  • poiu

    I think you're overwatering nad fertilizing year round.

    In the winter months, you need to let the soil get much more dry before watering. This forces a dormancy. Then, as sunlight intensifies and temps increase in the windowsill, then do a fretilizer (in April). Eastern window light is easy on tropicals. (Eucharis CAN tolerate direct sunlight fro msunrise to about 9 am here in FL, so it can take bit more up there in your less intense light). IF you choose to take it outside--give it a mornig sun locale, not a late day exposure. It will flower on daylength--should occur in late March or into early May, and again possibly in August/SPetember.

    Don't fertilize it past mid-October, and then begin reducing watering.

  • paty99

    Thanks Poiu,
    I'll give that a try.

  • jonjon

    A rest period of a few weeks anytime will encourage it to bloom. When I used to live in the tropics, I would make it bloom a few times a year by restricting water to force dormancy for a few weeks. Blooms everytime. Just make sure it has grown a few new leaves before making it bloom each time.

  • winnjoe

    the leaves on my start to droop if the soil gets dry. How do you arrange a dormancy? Do the leaves die down? Joe

  • garyfla_gw

    I grow these outdoors in several locations as they are runaway my favorite bulb,lol They flower more than once a year have attractive foliage and will naturlize even in my sand Will tolerate down to frost lol.
    Probably not much help as have never grown them in the house. They are in full glorious flower right now in the shadehouse in spite of being under 3 layers of other plants.
    Only place I've found they will not grow is full sun or allowed to dry completely.
    have never figured out the "trigger" for flowering. Suspect it's drought followed by heavy rainfall certainly not temps
    as this is the coldest average winter in 50 years. They stood right up to 35 for three hours!!
    For florida I highly recommend them!!!
    I understand there are some hybrids and maybe even some other colors besides white?? Have seen a Hybrid called "Christine " but looks the same to me?? gary

  • garyfla_gw

    Just now noted how old this post it (duh) lol So what did you do to solve the problem??? gary

  • paty99

    Hi Gary, Almost three years later, tried all kinds of stuff, still no blooms, none. Still trying though. Do you fertilize the ones you grow?

  • costaricafinca

    I grow them here too, and have never fertilized them! They tend to bloom in the 'dry season'.

  • garyfla_gw

    Well they fall into 3 groups Those in the SH get the runoff from the orhids which are heavily fertilized Those in beds get some when I think about it. Those in an area along the fence line get zilch lol.Sh is flowering the best by far but they also get regular water and we have a terrific drought going on .Might try a "bloom booster " after a dry period??
    Costa Rica Interesting, Didn't know you ever had dry periods there?? Suppose it depends on which side of the mountain your on ?? gary

  • nanw_4wi

    Mine have never bloomed (potted) either...but I too have read that the dry period tends to force blooms....just haven't figured out *when* that dry period should begin and end, and am to scatterbrained to remember it if I did figure it out, LOL!

    I have 'Christine'...they're somewhat a 'dwarf' cultivar with much smaller leaves.

  • honeybunny442

    I've grown these indoors and outdoors, let them dry, fertilized, everything. Mine are 5 years old and never any flowers. And I have a lot of them- bought them for my niece's wedding- ha.

  • meg_awat

    Garyfl lives in Florida.
    Having recently moved from a Northern zone to a southern zone, there is a drastic difference between the shade in Gary's shade house and indoor light.
    Temperature is also a critical factor. Chilly winters shut down tropicals.
    If the plant(s) were mine, that is the first place I'd look to make adjustments!
    Mr MegA

  • jamesmaloy

    I have looked in a garden book and it basicly says withold water for a few weeks to the point of drying out but not enough make the leaves curl and dye, also says they like to be root bound. I have in the past cared for this plant and it was a one gallon size and bloomed twice per year.

  • gootziecat

    Hey, I'd like to keep this post going a bit longer. I've been eyeing these beauties up as a houseplant. I'd like to know if any one is doing well with theirs indoors,, has had bug problems, or has had blooms.Also if you've had indoor success, can you share it? From what I've read, they seem to be more reliable and easier than jasmine and some others.

  • klyde

    I just love Eucharis, but I'll be darned if I know how to get them to bloom. Mine is kept coolish and dry all winter, and quite cool in the evenings when we have the heat essentially off. Now we live in the Pacific Northwest so it doesn't get too cold. Then I start to water and fertilize more in the spring. It has responded with the most amazing leaf growth. If I knew how to post a photo I would. No flowers though. Sooooo frustrating. When I picked this one out (the one and only time I've seen them available for sale in Canada), I picked out the one that had the most number of blooming stems. Hah! Lot of good that has done me. That sucker is pot-bound too, another so-called trick to get them to bloom. Hmmph.

    I've order 'Christine' and it isn't here yet. Fingers crossed that it will make it through customs. Anyway, I've been told that it blooms easier. We'll see. I'll let you know if it does. If I get it that is. It really is a very nice houseplant without blooms, and would be elevated to 'top notch' category if blooms came a couple of times a year.

    Kelly in Victoria

  • julianchandler

    I have grown Eucharis grandiflora on and off for years in pots, both inside and outside. I discovered by accident about 20 years ago that flowering is brought on by dry soil. When you decide you want it to bloom, just quit watering and wait for the flowering stalks to appear. At that point you can start watering again. It's that simple. I have never found that any other factor plays a role in inducing flowering, which happens in response to dry soil regardless of the time of year, the temperature, light conditions, etc.

    Since I have killed many more houseplants from overwatering than underwatering, mine tend to get quite dry before I water them again. (I have several beautiful, huge pothos plants that I only water about once every 3 months, for example.) You will not hurt your Amazon lily by allowing it to get dry--believe me, you will suffer much more than the plant will. My first E. grandiflora had a mealy bug problem, so to keep it away from the other houseplants, I set it out on a screened porch. I was in the middle of a whole-house renovation and in the confusion I forgot about it for nearly a year (no water at ALL). When I finished the remodeling and re-discovered the plant, it was gone, or so I thought. No leaves, no nothing. But I watered the bare soil anyway, and lo and behold it started putting up new leaves like crazy. The mealybug infestation was gone and the plant was beautiful. It also bloomed shortly thereafter. You truly cannot kill this plant unless you overwater it.

  • Ramona Chun

    Hello, I know it's been years, but if you still have an interest I have had my Eucharis Grandafloria for over 25 years and they all bloom once if not twice a year. They are in pots in the house ( never go out side ) and are al in the west facing window. I live in Washington state and very seldom over the years has our temps gone over 80 ( except for this year ) I check for surface moisture every week when I water all my house plants. If it is the slightest bit damp I whit till the next week to water and only fertile once a year with miracle grow.

    I hope this helps. Love my Eurcharis have 3 13" pots with multiple plants growing in each. Anuinuilani

  • Amin kamaali

    I'm about to recieve one of this beauty. Thanks for all of your helps

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