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It's Official: Ft Worth Spring Swap April 10 2010

13 years ago

We'll be meeting at the pavilion in front of the Zoo starting some time around 9 or 10 or whenever you arrive.


From I-30 at the western edge of downtown Ft Worth, go SOUTH on University not quite a mile;

turn left into the zoo area, & follow the path through several curves.

When you see the ball fields on your right, slow down.

Turn right into the parking area, hop out, & do a happy dance!

NOTE: Go SOUTH on University;

the NEW SITE is in the OPPOSITE direction from where we've met in the past;

it offers easy access, good parking, a huge pavilion, 2 grills, the company of young people playing ball...

& porta-potties!

As in years past, we'll "swap til we drop".

Since this is a fairly intense activity, most of us "drop" by about 2 PM, so don't wait too late to show up!

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