Mango tree grafting - where to get scion wood?

11 years ago

I would like to attempt to graft a mango tree. I grew 2 seedlings (Kent mango - polyembryonic) and one of them is almost 15 inches tall. I would like to graft an Indian mango variety on it. Are they compatible? And if so, where can I get cuttings for the scion in the graft? There is absolutely no local source for those exotic mangoes like Alphonso, Malgova, Neelum, Mallika etc. I am aware that I can purchase a grafted tree from an online source instead of attempting to do this by myself - but, the sole reason for doing my own grafting is because I am interested in learning how to do it and mangoes are my absolute favorite fruit, so why not start with them? Any leads for me? Your help is most appreciated.

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