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Question about fishing worms

13 years ago

Okay, since starting my new venture into raising red wigglers for gathering poop... I have mentioned it to a few folks at church... and they are asking if I am selling fishing worms... the red wigglers are kinda small for fishing it looks to me..

Is there a way to fatten em up or should I perhaps start a seperate operation just for nightcrawlers? We live close to the Tennessee River and it might be a good way to supplement our SS income just little bit.

Then if I made it a business, I would need a name...someone came up with Tennessee River Wigglers... and show a worm or two in hula skirts... lol hooooboy...

I have already made an arrangement to barter a nice onion / potato bin for a pick up load of composted cow poop for my woims... that I think is a great deal and a super way to get my worm venture off to a great start...

So, my vermi friends... any thoughts and suggestions or advice... I am open to anything y'all have to offer.


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