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Paper shredders and corrugated cardboard

16 years ago

Thought I'd start a discussion on paper shredders versus corrugated cardboard.

I've been using a Royal "12 sheet" crosscut shredder as well as a BJ's "heavy duty" 15 sheet crosscut. Both seem unphased by the toughest boxes I have run across. They produce quite narrow strips about 4-6 inches long.

I cut the cardboard to about 6" wide for the 12 sheet shredder and 8" or so for the 15 sheet with a box cutter. Often I cut boxes around the sides, getting strips 6-8" long that are the length of the boxes's circumference.

I peel all plastic tape and labels off before cutting. As I cut, I remove and discard any stapled areas as well as the doubled up areas if they don't pull apart.

To date I have shredded about 100 gallons of cardboard box material. That is measured after shredding and as compressed a bit by the shredder. Water relaxes the cardboard fast as I use it.

I have switched to using it as my main bedding, mixed with about 1/4 peat moss and up to 1/4 shredded paper (also crosscut)

I was concerned about the load on the shredders and thus wary if they would hold up. Neither has ever shown sings of overload and still shred as they did new.



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