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Surflan Pre-emergent

10 years ago

I am new to this board. I did a search on Surflan but did not get any information. So, I will ask my question.

Does anyone have experience with this chemical? Unlike preem, it comes as a liquid. You can mix it with Roundup and use it as a weed killer and pre-emergence. This is what I have been looking for the last 10 years. I control weeds under my electric fence, around the backs of my shrub and flower borders for a buffer between them and the woods, as well as in the flower and shrubs beds. Surflan can be sprayed over many plants without harming them so it would applied before weeds germinated, late summer for winter annuals and early spring for summer weeds and grasses. Of course with adding roundup to the mix, obviously you can not spray over the flowers and shrubs.

I have a couple of questions for those who have used Surflan, with or without mixing with roundup.

What would be the consequences if it was applied too heavy?

Would there be an environmental concern? Or would the concern be a buildup in the soil, thus making the soil sterile and you would unable to till and plant in that area for a number of months or years.

How effective has Surlfan been in preventing weeds and grasses? Does the effectiveness last as long as the label state, depending on the concentration, 4-8 months?

If any of the surflan get on walkways or vinyl fence posts, does it stain and if so, is it permanent or will it wash off with the first rain?

Does it lose its effectiveness if rain does not come for a few days or weeks after it has been put down? As I understand the label it is not activated to become effective until it has been watered in. I have too large an area to irrigate it into the soil, I have to wait for rain to wash it into the soil to make the barrier.

I appreciate any help offered. The label does not answer these questions. Experience has to answer these questions.

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