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Stupice--So good and so bad...

This year I am growing one 'Stupice' plant. It is such a healthy, vigorous, compact, plentiful, attractive plant. It never complained when it was cold and windy earlier this spring, and it never stopped blooming or setting multitudes of little tomatoes during our extended hot spell last month. And, wow, does it ever produce like crazy. So far, I have harvested over 60 fruit from it all ranging in size from ping-pong ball to 3 oz. mini-slicer. And there are many more yet to come with no signs of slowing down. I have never seen a tomato variety that is more easy-going or "giving." Oh, and did I mention I have it growing in partial shade this year, too?

Problem is, I just don't enjoy eating it all that much. The small fruits are beautiful, but they are bland, watery, mushy and flavorless. It tastes much better when I cook it or even when I make juice, but for fresh eating it is awful, just a shy notch above a gassed supermarket surprise.

This is not the first time I have grown 'Stupice'. I always end up planting it each season just because it is so easy and plentiful, and is the surest way of getting tomatoes without actually buying them at the store. But every time I am flooded with its fruit and try to eat it, I wonder why I even bother with it.

I wish there were a tomato with the ease, productivity, health and hardiness of 'Stupice' with more of the fruit size, flavor and memorability of something like 'Indian Stripe' or 'Large Pink Bulgarian' (both of which are wonderful tomatoes by the way). It doesn't even need to be as early as 'Stupice', just as amazingly dependable and resilient. Next year I think I will make it a point to stay away from early varieties entirely and just concentrate on later, but much more delicious tomatoes.

So, what do you all think of 'Stupice'? A keeper or a spitter?

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