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Pull Tomato Plants?

13 years ago

Hello Everyone,

This year, I grew my first mountain tomato plants, and they have exceeded my expectations. Due to our short season up here, I have only been able to harvest a few vine-ripened toms so far, but my plants are loaded with great big green ones, many of which appear to be fairly mature. Over the last several weeks, the night time temps have been getting colder and colder, probably down to the mid to upper 40's. I have been successful in my attempts at shielding them from the cold, by covering them at night. Alas, by watching the weather forecast, it appears as though my honeymoon period of moderate fall weather is about to turn, and temps will be falling even more at night. I was thinking that it probably isn't really worth trying to keep my vines warm at night, and that I should probably just pull them up, hang them in the garage, and just let the tomatoes ripen as they will. The forecast is calling for upcoming nighttime temps of upper 30's to lower 40's. Am I right to call it quits on the season? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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