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Pollen Stains

August 25, 2006

I know this isn't the discussions forum but I don't think there is one and I would like to find some info from people who probably have more information about lilies. I recieved several flower arrangements as an birthday gift and to make the story short, I would walk around the house and discover these "powdery" stains on my shirts and I changed clothes twice daily for two days not knowing what this powder was until I realized it was the pollen from the asiatic/oriental lilies in several of the arrangements. I DID rub the clothes at first not knowing that the powdery substance was pollen from the lilies and I did the laundry today and the stains will not come off. I did read that you could leave the clothes out in the sun, use tape, brush it off....but I think it's a little too late for that because it's been over a week since the stains have been on the clothes. Is there ANYTHING I can do to remove these week-old stains that I foolishly rubbed? Would appreciate any information. Thanks in advance.

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  • lindac

    I have never found anything that would remove lily pollen....
    I am now very careful to remove the nathers as soon as a lily opens.
    I carried an Easter lily home from church in my quite new car......the yellow stain stayed for 8 years until I traded it.
    Linda C

  • ginny12

    Lilies are famous for this. When you get them, immediately cut off the dark red/orange stamens over paper towels or newspapers. When new buds open, do the same thing. I use a small embroidery or manicure scissors. The pollen can be removed by a good dry cleaner. I have never found an at-home cleaning method that worked. If you get it on your clothes, above all don't brush it in or try to wash it off--only gets worse. Take it to the cleaners.

  • twelvepole

    Blot from outside stain toward middle with white rag and denatured alcohol or dry cleaning fluid.

  • metaphysician

    Surpisingly, sunlight does work. It bleaches the pollen stains right out after a day in the sun. I wouldn't have believed it until I tried it myself. However, I don't know whether it would work AFTER the garment has been laundered.

    It's worth a try, and it's free!

  • hamptonmeadow

    Metaphysician, you are a genius! I tried to soak my shirt in everything known to man and finally stuck it out in the sun. Two hours later stain was gone!!!

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