shower doors nightmare

14 years ago

Hello there. My boyfriend is about to sell his house, but the shower doors in the guest bathroom have water spots all over them. We have tried everything we can think of. I know there used to be a thread on here about this subject, but I wasn't able to find it. We've tried a Mr. Clean magic eraser, bleach (clorox), Commet, The Works shower cleaner and toilet cleaner (which is usually a last resort that cleans ANYTHING), vinegar, and a constarch paste... not to mention Tilex soap scum and mildew remover. None of them even TOUCHED the white spots covering the door. He has a water softener (the salt kind)... uses well water from Florida, and usually uses bar soap. I have no clue what the spots are, so I don't know how to attack them, but we have to get them off before he puts the house on the market. He always fixes my car, so I want to help him solve this issue, but nothing is working. I know CLR is worthless... any other suggestions? The inside of the doors are textured if that makes any difference... not the smooth flat glass. Does Lime away get calcium too in case that is what it is? Is there a way that I can test to see what the spots are made of? I would appreciate any advice.

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