best panel-ready dishwasher?

11 years ago


We are planning a full kitchen remodel sometime in the next 6-12 months (just moved into 1873 farmhouse), but we have already discovered that the KA DW from 2003 doesn't do its job very well at all. Glasses come out cloudy and spotted, food is stuck to spoons and the coffee mugs still have residue at the bottom. We have tried loading it differently and running on high scrub cycles with rinse aid (this seems to help a tiny bit), but we are thinking we really would like a new DW sooner rather than later.

We have already decided we would like our new DW and fridge to have the matching cabinet panels, so if I get a new DW now it will have to be panel-ready (and panel-less until I get my cabinets in :-)). What brands/models have people here had the best luck with?


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