Ameriware pots and pans

December 4, 2003

Has anyone ever purchased Ameriware pots and pans? They are being featured at my local Costco this week. I need some new pots and pans to replace my worn-out-teflon-coated Circulon set. The Ameriware pots and pans are aluminum-based with a titanium ceramic coating which makes them permanently non-stick. It's dishwasher safe (unlike Circulon) and comes with a 25 year warranty. Feels heavy and I'm assuming it's got to be decent for Costco to ask them to participate in their roadshows. Still, I've never heard of this brand before and would like to know if any of you has had any direct experience. Thanks!

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  • fred328

    I, too, saw a slick demonstration at Costco. I bought a large griddle and discovered right away that it had the same problem that all predecessor brands have had: If you season meat while it's cooking, the residue piles up and sticks! It does not clean off easily. I used pepper and powdered garlic. I think I'll go back to my trusty old cast iron skillet. Has anyone else had the same problem? Were you able to come up with a better solution than seasoning abstinence?

  • syie

    I ended up buying a Scanpan 11" stir fry and 9" skillet. I love it! It cooks evenly and cleans like a dream. You just need to rinse it right after using it (yes, while it's still steaming hot!) and any residue will come right off. It's also dishwasher safe and supposedly metal utensil-safe, although I've noticed scuff marks (not scratches) where my husband used a metal spatula.

    I need to replace the rest of my Circulon set. A gourmet cook friend of mine says to get All Clad but I'm seriously considering more Scanpan pieces.

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  • abardsley

    I just purchased a set (13 pcs) from my base military exchange. I met the guy doing the demonstrations at a fun-run a few days prior and had asked him what he was doing in town. I have been looking at "non-stick" cookware for some time now and the girlfriend was swaying me toward Emerilware (by All-Clad). After looking at what all you get with the Ameriware HG-Pro set, the price was still a little better than the Emeril.

    The demonstration was pretty slick, and scripted; that made me a little weary. But I said what the heck... I ended up getting the flat "pancake skillet" thrown in the deal.

    So far I have only cooked on them for 2 days, but I am very happy with the purchase. I even made a grilled cheese sandwich like in the demo by throwing the cheese in seperate, then sliding it up with the bread and toasting it all with no butter. (if you've seen the demo, you know what I mean) So far a big thumbs up. I will give another review after cooking with them for a while longer.

    p.s. The only thing I didn't like, was the boring design of the handles... They definately aren't "flashy" looking pots like All-Clad, etc...

  • Avra

    After investigating, Cook's Warehouse,Inc. , 2504 North Ontario St, Burbank CA. 91504, 818-556-2740 or 2747 Mr Howard Teichman is the co that sells Ameriware. Vollrath says they make the cookware according to Cook's Warehouse specifications and warrantees it for manufacturing defects. Any questions are referred to Cook's Warehouse Mr Teichman. I would also like more info on the non stick surface. I haven't called yet. Just wish the company had it's name on it's products and contact info more available. This worries me, although the product may be great. I'm going back to Costco and ask the demonstrator exactly who he works for.

  • Rockymt4fr

    We just bought a set from Costco and so I was researching it this morning.

    Here is the home page for Cook's Warehouse:

    Here is a link that might be useful: Ameriware Cookware

  • pnpayne

    Further search results: Cook's Warehouse of Atlanta GA ( may be the key to these questions. Vollrath manufactures this product under an exclusive contract with Cook's Warehouse, and only warranties manufacturing defects, not damage or wear and tear to the pans. The scripted salesman @ the Costco demo's is slick but I never believe a salesman without some independent verification. Sales people frequently do not know what they are talking about, and they lie a lot.

    Vollrath ( sales people know very little about this product because it is not part of what they sell to their normal customers. One person told me they thought it was some sort of ceramic coating, but had no idea about the core of the pan. It sure looks like aluminum to me.

  • pnpayne

    Let me re-phrase that: To a sales person he truth is sometimes a flexable term.

  • Tom610

    I just purchased the $399.00 Ameriware set this weekend. I am now having some doubts and may return it.
    1. Vollrath has a great commercial reputation. However, this is not really Vollrath commercial.
    2. The care instructions in the box are different than what the salesman presented.
    3. The warranty is the same as other non-stick products. Materials and workmanship, not wear and tear. Has anyone tried to use use it?
    4. Their Web site has no real info. Appears to be designed to confirm that their products carry outrageous prices online.
    5. Still no real info on their non-stick surface. Ceramic, Titanium??? From the vague description it appears to be similar to ScanPan. Is this so?
    6. For comparable cost, Scanpan may be a better choice.
    7. Someone posted that the handles will get surface rust. Unacceptable in cookware at this price.

    All said, it still may be comparable to Scanpan which appears to be the most durable, dishwasher safe set.


  • Alean

    Hi. I bought Ameriware four years ago and love it - 'course I've never used any other brand "professional" cookware. Don't put it into the dishwasher though, unless you don't mind that the bottoms discolor. I was promised an extra lid when I bought mine from a vendor at McChord AFB. When the lid didn't arrive in the mail, I was able to get it by calling the distribution center. It took some detective work, as all the contact info I was given when I bought the pans was no good. Don't know if this is still a valid, but it worked for me: Cooks Warehouse, Inc., 7650 Haskell Ave. Suite A, Van Nuys, CA 91406. PH: 1-818-556-2740 ext. 1305. Also, on my 25-year warranty the following "replacement" address is given: The Vollrath Co., 1236 No. 18th St., Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 53082-0611. But much as I like the pans, I learned never to buy anything ever from someone who doesn't have a local desk to jump up and down on. Caveat emptor.

  • Alean

    P.S. The contact info is still good. In fact, I sent an e-mail the 2nd to exchange a lid, had an immediate response, and today (4th) was told a new lid is on its way. They're trusting me to send the one I have now by return mail.

  • dvdiva

    I've had the Pro-HG pots and pans for about six months and am happy with them. I haven't had any problems with seasonings sticking to the surfaces to the point that they don't come off easily, and I also haven't had any problems with discoloration due to washing them in the dishwasher. They've so far stood up well to my "rough and tough" cooking ways with just some minor scratches on the outside of the pots (that's my only negative).

    We bought several of these pots on the last day at a home show in LA. My new in-laws just purchased a nice SS set of Calphalons for us for Christmas (not knowing that we already bought the Ameriware), but because we spent some money on these, we are probably going to keep the Ameriware.

    By the way, thanks to this site - I couldn't figure out why Vollrath didn't have these pots on their products list. I found this posting through Google which made me realized that we had been somewhat duped. I'm a bit sad that these aren't real Vollrath, but glad to hear that others have purchased these and that I didn't make a huge mistake.

    However, these pots and pans seem to heat up evenly and allow me to use less or no oil at all. My only wish would be that they had glass covers, but it's not a deal-breaker. Overall, I'm happy with the set. Hopefully, the non-stick really is not Teflon (and hopefully, whatever it is, is not found to be harmful later!)

  • tawni1965

    My friend I just talked to ,has just purchased the Ameriware pots and pans,from Costcos and she likes them, she made crepes and they didn't stick with no oil at all. I am just curious about these pots and pans.I have the All- clad because my sister in law has them. I used to have the T- fall pots and pans. But they eventually went bad , they bent, and the teflon scratched off and the out side wore out. Because of the health issue with teflon, I got the stainless steel, figure they will last a long time. Maybe even be my last set of pots and pans.

  • attackrott

    Just wanting to get some feedback from those that have or have had Ameriware. My wife and I just bought a set but have not opened the boxes. We want to get some feedback and learn more about the product before we open them. We bought them at Sams Club so we can return them but I dont see a point in using them if we just return them. For those who own Ameriware or actually know about it was wanting your feedback.

    Thanks so much.

  • pmitch

    I, too, just bought a frying pan at a costco roadshow. Salesman claimed they were an old and respected company. Suggest everyone look at for the same "pressure cast aluminum" "ceramic-titanium coating" and "oven safe to 500 degree" claims. They do, however, have plastic handles. The rivited steel on the Ameriware seem like they should be stronger. You might also look at They claim a diamond tough non stick coating impregnated with (you guessed it) diamonds.

  • attackrott

    Well who knows about the truth on this stuff. My wife and I decided to keep them and it being through Sam's Club if we ever dont like it we can bring it back and make a stick.

    We figured that Teflon is in so so many things that there is no way we can get away from it.
    is another forum that has some good discussion on the topic.

    Vollrath makes it and since Ameriware is almost impossible to get in contact with, I called Vollrath and asked them about the product Ameriware that they produce. I asked if it contains Teflon or PTFE (generic Teflon) The women ensured me that it did not. Now who knows if she was telling the truth. We priced other cookware sets and for a 13 piece set for 400 bucks it seems to be a good deal. I first saw the VitaMix at SamÂs Club even though I am sure I have drank many smoothes made from them at Starbucks, Coffeebeen, Smothyking, etc. 300 bucks seemed like a lot for a blender but we got it for our birthdays/anniversary/Christmas gift. It had a 7 year warranty. I am a smoothy junky so I use it a ton and on of the best products I have ever owned. I just went on a tangent but I guess my point is that I have seen great things displayed at SamÂs so I hope this is a good one.

    I will post occasional updates on our opinions on Ameriware as we use it to help others decide on the product.

  • dixielogs

    I love my Swiss Diamond. Absolutely non-stick, not teflon, awesome cookeware.

  • officer120

    We too were impressed by the Demonstration and just purchased the set they sell at Costco for 399.00. Let me tell you these are the best pots we have ever owned. Nothing sticks to them and I mean nothing!!! Everything slides right out of the pans, burnt or otherwise. They heat uniformly and are an easy clean up. In my Opinion well worth the money. I was missing a rubber lid handle cover and called the company up. They sent one right out to me. So if you thinking of making an investment let me recommend these pots and pans. Oh by the way our old pots were made to look good and now all the glass tops are either cracked or broken. A 25 year Full warranty also helps!!. Good Luck!! If you have any questions email me at

  • simonsezit

    Bought the full set at Costco, am looking forward to buying more pieces. Like that big darned stock pot & the wok!!!

    I have used these now for over a year. I have flat top seemed to be the "in" style of stove top cooking. All I can say, is that you have to be very careful with cookware on these types of stoves. I have burnt up, by means of warping every brand (including caphlon & cirrculon, which pissed me off being I paid over $600 a set for each) of cook ware except for these!!! No wonder restaurants use them! They don't scratch my cook stove, they heat up beautifully & don't warp. Never have to oil the things, & best of all, clean up is a breeze. Wannna know how much I save on "special" cleansers for cookware????? Thousands, I promise ya! $400 is a cheap price for GREAT cookware, that I don't have to spend ALL day & then some, cleaning it! & hey, I swear to ya, my food turns out better than what I have done in All Clad AND Cahphalon combined...but if I was to complain to them, I doubt they would do's just Hatfield's & McCoys them least Ameriware does what it promises!! I had a friend that owned a pot from Ameriware, when she pointed it out to me at the demo at Costco a year ago...she said that's the pot of mine you like so much. She had it over 25 years, the handles finally gave, but guess what? They sent her another, no ??? asked! She only bought one, cuz it was all she could afford at the time...her pot, the one I loved, was why I bought the entire set, & am working on a few extra pieces. Wished my mother handed these down instead of Farberware!!! And by the way, all the other cook ware companies, better beware....this is the best on the market!

  • bluelytes

    What a TOTAL WASTE of 200.00 IMHO, re; AMERIWARE. Sent email after email to get a return, call after call, and I got NO response. Was lied to my FACE at the demo. Guy said, you could cook on high, use metal utensils, etc. The INSTRUCTIONS SPECFICALLY STATE do NOT us high heat, and that it was NOT metal untensil safe, and NOT to put it in the dishwasher.

    The reason the demos LOOK slick, is because they are DESIGNED to BE slick and to get the suckers, (you and I) to fall for something that is LESS than demo'd to be.

    Good thing I can take it BACK to costco!!


  • whoooooooooosh

    I bought mine from Costco. Did the research on the coating and the company...Volrath etc., no problems with making contact and after heavily researching all the flipping coating jargon, I'm pretty sure I'll live to see a rip ole age if I don't get behind a wheel or try to cross a road!Nothing sticks and clean up is a breeze.

  • mrs.olivares

    Syie, I have purchased the Ameriware pots and pans from Costco and my husband and I love them. They are of great quality. I love the fact that your hard to remove food comes off easily after sooking in water just for a bit. I would recommend this product.

  • wysocki

    I bought the HG-Pro set at a home show and they are the best cookware I've ever owned. They are excellent in my opinion except for two issues:

    1. The rubber slip-on handles are pretty cheap. You're supposed to take them off for washing but that's a hassle so I don't. But now I wonder what kind of crud is growing in them.

    2. The flat covers are very annoying when I have a full load in the pan or pot. They actually fit inside and lower than the rim and touch the food in many cases. Does anyone know where I can get domed covers (metal or glass) for these?

  • kiai

    I bought an Ameriware pan, and I love it. Once you get the right angle pulling off the handle, it's easy to take off and put back on. I don't use metal utensils in it though. I found that the surface lost some of its non-stick quality after cooking with a metal spoon, but maybe it's because it wasn't pre-heated. I've used it make pumpkin pie.

  • mdrevs

    I like the Ameriware set, but don't like not being able to see the contents cooking, as the lids are metal. Can anyone provide the inside diameter of the pans, so I can see if my existing glass lids would fit on this set? Thanks in advance.

  • pitchespo

    I am amazed! My husband & I purchased a set of PRO-HG cookware at the Boston Home show about 7 years ago... his brother in law is a chef & he was impressed with the pans. We loved them. Not long after, and they were hand washed, the outside began to peel. Life has been extremely busy so we just used them and hid them in the pantry. We were recently out shopping together for a quilt set when we came upon another set of pans (different brand) being offered at a reasonable price for the quality. We grabbed them. When I was washing the new set and placing them on the shelves and organizing, I figured the PRO-HG set would get someone started so I searched the internet to purchase two lid grips.I found out about the 25- year warrantee which I had forgotten about. I called and was referred to a recorded call with the mailing information needed to ship back my set of cookware. I did that and just a few weeks ago I was elated to find that the company had replaced all of the pans with the exception of two lids that they must have decided were ok. We are thrilled! We were sad not to have the quality we had originally invested in & were skeptical that we'd get a new set! I can honestly endorse this product and company. I would not hesitate to pick up another set for one of my children when I find them at a good price. (home shows, cotsco etc) I think they make a wonderful, generous gift! I like quality at a good price... if you do too, you can check out my own website for pure, safe & beneficial products, thanks!

    Here is a link that might be useful: Pure, Safe & Beneficial Health & Wellness!

  • liz_lungfish_com

    I also bought a big set of this at a home show, begiled by the demo and promises that the coating was not TEFLON. The sales guy was slick, and he lied about several things, including telling me that the contact info. he gave me was his own (turned out to be the number for COOKS WAREHOUSE in Burbank).

    As soon as I got the stuff home, I discoverd via internet reseach that the coating is PTFE, which is essentially generic TEFLON. Having read so many bad things about this coating, I immediately called to return it, and was given one heck of a time by MR. HOWARD TEICHMAN, who initially told me he would not refund my money, and then insisted on charging me a bogus "restocking fee".

    In the end I did end up buying a large box (in which to combine the smaller cookware boxes) and packing materials, and paying for shipping, insurance and proof of delivery (over $30) just to get them to take the stuff back. Then it was almost TWO MONTHS and several follow-up calls after they received my (completely unused and in the original packaging) pots and pans, before they issued a refund to my credit card.

    In my experience MR. TEICHMAN and the COOKS WAREHOUSE, INC. are NOT TO BE TRUSTED. The company has operated under a number of different names over the years, apparently as a ruse to avoid the many complaints that the Better Business Bureau has logged against them. Support companies that have integrity, not hucksters like these.

  • liz_lungfish_com

    A nice person just wrote to me asking how I found out that Ameriware cookware has PTFE (Teflon). I thought you all might be interested in my reply:

    I think my suspicions were raised by some posts I found on this web site:

    And when I called the company, after some prodding, I was able to confirm with the head guy, Howard Teichman, that the non-stick coating is, in fact, PTFE. (Howard actually admitted to me that "ALL nonstick cookware is PTFE.")

    The salesman at the home show was waving articles around with big headlines telling about the dangers of Teflon, and saying that if you're cooking with Teflon you're "poisoning your family" (direct quote). He said the coating was "ceramic and titanium".

    If you go on the Ameriware web page, you will see it says "The Ameriware Professional line features the non-stick system Pro-Series PLUS Ti-2î. Pro-Series PLUS Ti-2î is a 3-layer non-stick system internally reinforced with ceramic and titanium" This is so misleading! Yes, it's a 3-layer system, but they are only telling you what the two INTERNAL layers are... the layer that actually comes in contact with your food? They never say it on the site, but it's PTFE (TEFLON!).

    As I was sold on buying the cookware because I thought it was a safer alternative to Teflon, I felt extremely mislead. Add to that the major hassle I was put through just to return this stuff to Cook's Warehouse in Burbank (at my own expense!) and you can understand my ire.

    I worry also about people with pet birds, who may buy this stuff thinking it's not Teflon and accidently kill their pets, because when Teflon (PTFE) is heated to high temperatures (easy to do if you turn on the stove and forget about it for a minute) it generates a gas which is highly poisonous to birds.

    I hope this information helps you in your decision-making, and spares you some of the frustration I went through.

  • gemologist

    Hi, I sell Ameriware and Pro-Hg cookware, and want to clarify a few confusing points.

    It does contain PTFE as all nonstick cookware (including scan pan and calphalon) do, However the annealing process does stabilize so that there is no danger from gas coming off of the pans at high heat. The ceramic an titanium do offer a very durable surface.

    It is NOT teflon, teflon is pure PTFE sprayed onto pans cold, this is a patented product made by dupont. Dupont has nothing to do with this cookware.

    The warranty does say things like "use medium heat" and "do not overheat" and does specifically say that it warranties defects in workmanship. It also says that wear and tear is not covered. HOWEVER, it also says that wear and tear will no effect the non-stick ability of the cookwear, and of the many many stories I have heard about returns for a myriad of often silly reasons, I have never heard of Vollrath deny an exchange, even if it was a brand new pan that was sent in.

    In reality the warranty is full, no questions asked, but the job of the people writing any warranty is to try to convince you that you should just deal with it, and not get free products out of them, this is the same in every warranty I have ever seen.

    (yes they really do make them in WI. under contract with Cooks warehouse)

    The bottom of the pan will probably discolor over time, but the non-stick is really the safest and best I have cooked on, and I will not hire a salesman unless the purchase a pan, try it out and agree (they all have so far)

    No they are not indestructible, yes they are hardy, and a great deal over scan pan ($425 for 10pcs) whereas they are $399.88 at Sams Club for 12pcs + utensils.

    Try it out, buy it first, if ya don't like it, then return it. Of course, you could just make an order through me, and I will give you a full set $449.99 shipped of your choice, Ameriware,(SS lids, silver outside) Pro-HG (silver outside) or Pro-HG Preferred (black outside) If you buy from me, however, I won't offer a return policy, personally (sorry, can't afford the risk myself) if you think you might return it, wait for a road show in your area (817)776-0186

  • altitudeca

    As a preamble, i am not affiliated with any cookware company.

    I bought an ameriware/vollrath 12" pan about 1.5 years ago. I'm chinese and do a fair amount of stir frying on high heat. Cooking on high heat a lot has led to a lot of dead non-stick pans in my kitchen. My mother who was a far better and more experienced cook than I, told me that she never bought expensive nonstick because they never lasted more than a year or two for her. Consequently i've tried a bunch of different brands to see how they hold up over time.

    The ameriware pan has held up better than any others (including a very expensive all-clad). it has discolored some, but still releases everything with very little effort (including scrambled eggs, which have always been the absolute worst for me). I'm in the process of seeking out some more ameriware pans to replace some of the others that are about to die.

  • jessica_lunula_com

    I own a 12" Ameriware saute pan that I got at Costco about 2 years ago. I also (like several other posters) am rough on cookware. I cook a lot, and I use high heat a lot. I would only give this skillet a 7 out of 10. Basically, the nonstick coating is showing a lot of wear, and the nonstickiness of it has gone way down. I now have to use a lot of butter or other oil when I cook with this pan, or eveything sticks like crazy. Also, the top layer of the nonstick finish seems to have flaked off in an area near the center of the pan. I have no idea where it went. I hope not into my food. :p

    The bottom line is, the pan cost a lot, and when it was new it worked really well. Now it isn't new any more, it doesn't work so well any more.

    I think the next pan I buy, I'm going to try out that stainless steel idea. If it has a nice thick conductive bottom, and I do a good job of preheating it, maybe stuff won't stick too badly...well, I guess I'll find out.

    P.S. I did email the contact from the Ameriware website about my pan wearing out. It will be interesting to see what they say.

  • silverstorm

    I purchased the basic set of the Pro-HG cookware at the Oregon State Fair around 1996. The set was so great that over the next three annual fairs I bought the additional pieces so that I now own the entire set. After about 10+ years of use (and admittedly my daughters not treating the pots and pans as they should be treated) they began to lose their non-stickness through scratching and pitting with metal utensils and through scrubbing with abrasives while cleaning because theyy were too lazy to do it the right way (sorry, another topic, kids who don't follow instructions).

    Even after all this they still were pretty nonstick but nothing like originally and they had lost their pretty new look long ago.

    I contacted Ameriware who put me in touch with Bonnie Morgan at Vollrath who said write a letter describing what I was sending back for warranty replacement, where and when I purchased and what was wrong and to send back without any plastic handles. I did so and received back just a couple days ago new replacements for all of the items. The only hitch was as an arthritic I could not get the handle off the griddle so that was sent in with handle, as I said in the letter, but returned without one. A call to Bonnie got a quick apology and promise to send out a replacement griddle handle today.

    I cannot say how pleased I have been with these pots and pans over the years (even with how my kids, now all moved out, treated them) and even more impressed with the customer service and warranty from these companies with this product!

    I will now continue to recommend the ProHG line to anyone looking for a serious high quality long lasting non-stick cookware set that has an excellent 25 year honored warranty!

    Here is the Vollrath contact info if any need to deal with warranty exchanged:

    The Vollrath Company
    23 Kilbourn St
    Kewaunee WI 54216

    800 - 624-2051
    Bonnie Walker

    Hope this helps folks to make up their mind on a purchase of this fine product.

  • fairegold

    Hi Silverstorm, and welcome. I note that you just registered for these forums today. What are your favorite forums here, and what lead you to this website?

  • healthymama

    It is NOT as healthy as they advertise.
    I just bought an Ameriware set from Costco for CND$479 as we were in the market for healthier cookware. I hadn't heard of Ameriware so I thought I'd buy it, do the research then open the boxes. I am so glad I did. Their pans contain well known carcinogenic chemicals... I found this information at Prevent
    I am surprised that Costco would sell something like this.
    My family's health is #1 so I'm taking the set I purchased back tomorrow.

  • smellssogood_gmail_com

    This is just run-of-the-mill stuff. It's not terribly bad, but it's not the miracle cookware that will change your life. My fry pan, after 1 year of regular use, sticks just like they all do after about a year. I feel that I lied to by the sales person, who was very nice with a sleezy sales pitch.

    What annoys me the most about the ameriware or pro-hg cookware is the LAME handle design. They will rust if you don't take the rubber grip off when washing. And the exterior is not non-stick by any means.

    I tried to send this back for warranty exchange and was met with RUDE SERVICE from a COOKS WAREHOUSE in Burbank, I've come to find out that they are the ones who distribute these products.

    The cookware is ugly. The sales people lie to you about how this is commercial cookware, but the literature clearly states that the cookware in the box is not intended for commercial use.

    Don't be fooled into buying this from the salesman!!! You can purchase this stuff at any restaurant supply store, or online restaurant supply website. I returned my set to SAM'S CLUB for a full refund.

  • theleathermystic

    I bought an HG PRO frying pan in July of '08 from a fly-by-night Shylock salesman at a state fair.

    ya... I know... 'NEVER buy anything from the state fair salesmen......'

    I loved the pan... for about 3 months.... then the non-stick surface started coming off in spots.

    Despite what ANYONE (i.e. SALESMEN) tells you, if you lose the coating, you lose the non-stick properties!!! Food would stick TERRIBLY to any place where the coating started coming off.

    I mailed off my 'warranty card' to where ever it was supposed to be mailed to - but I've never heard a damn thing from them.

    I used the pan DAILY to fry eggs every morning. I ONLY used a silicone rubber spatula and never even a hard plastic one.

    Yet, the coating started flaking off in a matter of 3-4 months.... it's still usable, but I have to use oil or butter to keep food from bonding like plaster to the metal.... so much for 'OIL FREE COOKING'.


    I'VE BOUGHT CHEAP CRAP FROM WALMART THAT HAS LASTED LONGER!!!! How they think this stuff would last 25 yrs is BEYOND ME!

    *silverstorm - I'll be contacting Bonnie as soon as I can and see if any of their lies might turn out true.

    Right now, I'm very pissed off and feel like I got RIPPED OFF!!

    maybe all you out there can afford dropping hundreds on cookware..... I cannot.... I'd rather drop my money on a lawyer to put lying salesmen out of business and save everyone else the aggravation....

    Here is a link that might be useful: Leather Mystics

  • Joe Blowe


    Thank you for reporting your experience. On a different note, I must say your website is hilarious! I emailed your link to a few friends at work, and we were laughing until tears rolled down our cheeks! Very entertaining!!

    But then it occurred to us, you might be serious. Is this possible? Do you actually make money off that website? Do people actually want to buy that crap?

  • southcoaster

    I've had my Ameriware pans for several years. My large skillet needs to be seasoned almost every time I use it or everything sticks. I have one of the eight inch pans that I was making some stir fry with using Yoshidas marinade and cooking sauce. It crusted up so badly that I have not been able to get it off, thought I may try Fred328's garlic and pepper idea.
    Every time I see one of the salesmen at Costco I complain and they hand me a sheet of paper saying to season the pan - which is what we were trying to get away from by purchasing these.

    As for Joe Blows comment about Leather Mystics, if you are into Renaissance Fairs, or the Society of Creative Anachronisms (SCA), Leather Mystics goods are very nice stuff.

  • portergulchpaul_gmail_com

    When I check Anmeriware on Amazon what comes up is Anolon.
    I bought a 10 pc set of Anolon about 5 yrs ago, and love it.
    I use only teflon spatula to stir, and i treat each piece like a rare wine glass. Wash it with soft sponge, and with cotton cloth dry it and put it away between layers of old cloth napkins. After five years it still looks like new. Lotta good lines out there. It is the care you give it that counts. Paul

  • slacey_gci_net

    I've been reviewing all of the comments on the cookware. We bought ours about 3 years ago. It has the black outer color. The bottom seems to want to discolor, but I scrubbed it with a steely and while it took a lot of elbow grease, it did come off and looked better. The insides of the pans seem to doing well. I do use oil or butter most of the time when I cook so I didn't really plan on cooking dry. Yes, the handles do rust if the covers aren't removed when washing and they are hard to get off most of the time. My husband has to do it for me. BUT the deal is...if you don't take care of them and don't overheat or use metal utensils or put in the dishwasher...they are wonderful. Oh, and the covers will stay on the pan when they are hung from a pot rack. No other pan covers will do this that I know of. They aren't as pretty as SS and now with the new kitchen, I had a hanging rack built into the cabinet so they don't have to be seen. But I really like them and enjoy the easy cleaning by using a soft scrubby sided sponge with a squirt of detergent on it; rinse it and dry it right away. When I pay that much for anything, I will take care of it. I haven't had to contact the company yet for problems, but it doesn't sound to hard. Good luck to you all using these pans.

  • suzyq3

    Sandi, for what you probably paid for this cookware, it sounds as if you have to worry about some issues that others who buy All-Clad or other high-quality cookware that is sold in a conventional manner. I certainly hope that your cookware does something astoundingly better that justifies that price.

  • dwnightowl

    Sorry to say, but I have owned this cookware for about 15 years. It is in fact garbage. The pans have pitted badly and the coating on the outside of the pans has peeled off in many places. It has been like that for years. I lost the warrantee information so I was not able to return it at the time. After reading one persons post stating that they had heard nothing from the company, I am hesitant to return the only cookware I own. When I bought it at the Los Angeles County Fair it cost $399.00 + tax. That was a lot of money in those days! They claimed it had a lifetime warrantee in those days. Well the cost has not gone up, but the warrantee has gone down. If that does not speak to you nothing will.

  • wd_peters_comcast_net

    I bought my Ameriware set at Costco about 8 years ago. My 8" & 10" saute pans just became gross over the years and lost the non-stick feature. I'll admit they were scatched, overheated (burned)and the damage was from normal wear and tear which isn't in the warrenty. Each time I saw a represenative demo at costco I asked about the warrenty and they said just send them back for replacement--finally last week when I had more egg stuck to the pan than on the plate I decided to send the 2 pans back because I was going to throw them away. When I got a box in the mail less than a week later I was expecting that they sent my old pans back--big surprise--2 brand new saute pans. For once a warrenty that actually was worth something. Go to VOLLRATH NOT AMERIWARE WEBSITE FOR INSTRUCTIONS. Sorry about being long winded-but hope this helps someone.

  • mkstandingfirm_yahoo_com

    I purchased a set of Ameriware cookware at Costco several years ago. I was very disappointed with their performance once I got them home and used them awhile. I returned one set to Costco and got another set only because I had no other cookware to use. By the time that set began to stick, Costco no longer carried them, so I figured I was stuck with them. I have used them unhappily for many years, but this month decided to send them back before I left the country for a few weeks'vacation.I did not know whether they would honor their warranty, after reading the reviews, but to my surprise, 4 new replacement skillets arrived today, the day I returned from my trip! Hats off to the Vollrath Company for honoring their warranty!

  • sistercooks

    Hello everyone. I must say I am pretty surprised at the negative comments regarding the ameriware cookware. I have owned my set for three years now. I have owned a Wolfgang set a few years ago and I hated that set! I have also had two all- clad pans and have to say I love my Ameriware much more. Although all-clad is non stick I really cook and abuse my pans but I had a hard time with the company to get a replacement because I didn't use them according to instructions ( I used metal utensils) I did the same thing with my ameriware I used metal utensils and my daughter used Brillo to clean it ( although nothing was stuck on it!!) but she scratched two pans very badly with the Brillo and the pans did not have the same non stick properties. So we sent it to the company and two weeks later received brand new pans! Now I don't let anyone wash them but me and I can use a metal spatula but not a metal fork on them and they still are non stick after all this time. With everything if you are going to spend the money you have to take care of it and that is with every cookware out there. The most impressive thing about this co is that they really have a great warranty. I love my set (now have 16 pieces) would recommend to everyone.

  • boodac

    Bought a set of their pots and pans. The pans worked great for the first year but deteriorated quickly by the second year. The coating both inside and outside didn't hold up. The pots held up decently well but overall the set didn't hold up well. The stir fry pan especially didn't hold up well although it was used every 2 to 3 days for dinner. Overall the cookware was disappointing and not worth the cost.

  • wayne8212

    We babied our product but still had some issues with frequently used pans. We never put them in the dishwasher. Contacted Ameriware for Warranty and said that they are no longer in business but the storefront is still their.

    I would not recommend purchase unless you do not mind throwing money away.

  • cacocobird

    I have a parrot, so I'm very paranoid about cookware -- I don't want to risk anything that might injure or kill him. As a result, I only use stainless steel and Le Creuset.

  • Doris Hastings

    I bought a PRO HG set and like them for non stick and ease of cleaning. I do put them in dishwasher and first time washed, the bottoms discolored as did the bottom of the lids. Looks like Aluminum which I'm not too thrilled about. Have had them about a year and the non stick has held up well, but the bottoms of the pans literally look like they are disintegrating. I guess I will go back to my ALL Clad waterless that I have had for 40 years and still looks new. I wish they were easier to clean........

  • HU-564275326

    I purchased the 10 piece set at Costco. I have not had any problems with any of the pans but the non stick coating on pot 50312 A52 and 50373 A52 has been coming off it started during the first couple of years. With your warranty I would like those two pots replaced Loretta Reiter

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  • HU-479235671

    The finish bubbled and came off in food, and the pan is not safe to use. Cook's Warehouse Customer Service (Vollrath) states this is “normal wear“. A warranty is only as good as the company behind it.

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