Nylon Net Christmas Tree, Wreath, and Candy Cane

16 years ago

Someone recently emailed me and asked for these instructions. We were 'talking' about old crafts a few days ago... crafting with nylon net certainly falls into that category!

18" Tall Nylon Net Christmas Tree

(for taller or shorter trees, see NOTE at end of instructions)

5 yards of the stiff net, 70 inches wide

18" wooden dowel stick, 1/2 inch in dia.

1" thick 8" sq wooden base to hold the dowel

Crochet thread

Paint dowel to match if desired. Put the dowel in the middle of the block of wood.

Cut the net across the width, making one each of 18" x 70", 17" x70", 16" x 70", and so on...

15", 14", 13", 12", 11", 10", 9", 8", 7", 6", 5", 4", 3", and 2" x 70".

Open the 18" strip to full length and fold lengthwise to 9"x70". Using heavy doubled thread, baste stitch right below the fold. Pull strings tightly as possible and tie around stick. Fluff the net. Repeat with balance of cuts, large to small. Add ornaments as desired.

NOTE: We made them from 36 inches tall down to 9 inches tall. Just start with your bottom layer of net the width of the height of your dowel and drop down one inch in width for each layer, ending up with a layer using 2" wide net at top. For the smaller trees you might want to use a smaller diameter dowel.


Nylon Net Wreath

Make a circle out of a wire coat hanger. Paint hanger if desired. Cut 24 or more strips of net at 6" x 35". Fold each strip to 3" x 35" and baste stitch right below the fold using doubled heavy thread. Tie tightly around the wire.

Repeat with rest of strips. Make it as full as you like, adding more than the 24 strips if you wish. Add 3" red bow and very small red balls or beads to look like a bunch of berries.


Candy Cane

Open up a wire coat hanger and make a cane, using the entire length of wire. Make a little loop on the end to keep the loops from slipping off. Cut at least 36 strips of net 6" x 35", half red and half white. Fold each strip to 3" x 35" and baste stitch right below the fold using doubled heavy thread. Tie tightly around the wire, alternating red and white. Make it as full as you like. You can use more than the 36 strips, or use less. Add a nice bow, about 1/3 of the way down. Tie it on the wire.


I hope these instructions bring back fond memories of Christmas crafting many years ago... back when we "made do" with what was around the house, or materials that could be bought for very little money.

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