Please Help with Mudroom Plan

10 years ago

We've got the first rough copy of our plan & are struggling with the mudroom layout. I'd like a half-bath, a counter drop zone with cabinet above & nothing below to accommodate future small pet bed/litter box, and open lockers. I would love a locker for each family member (5), but don't think there is room.

As you can see, the space where the lockers & counter are is 10' long. Our draftsman divided the space into a 4' counter & 6' for lockers, but I'd rather have more locker room & less for the counter. I think the lockers need to be deeper, too.

The concrete steps lead to a 2-car garage with a 1-car garage on the side. The door with steps down leads to a 4-foot cemented crawlspace. The hall has a small broom closet and then leads to the kitchen on the left & the family room on the right.

I appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

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