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Help! I have rats in my crawl space!

20 years ago

I am so disgusted. For a few weeks I have been trying to figure out what a urine/feces smell was in my house that started in the closets and the radiated to the rest of the house. I heard a scurry a week ago but didn't clue in. Then last night I was snuggling with my son and heard it again. The smell has gotten so bad. I know it sounds silly not to have found it until now but I have a 6 year old girl and a three year old boy. I just kept looking for something my son hid (food, weird stuff, you know how it is). He had also had an episode of peeing in obscure places (under the table, outside, in the corner, etc.) just because he can. I had caught him in the past as he was not exactly discreet and I own a steam cleaner so I clean frequently just in case but the smell just kept getting worse until today. My son flooded over the bathroom sink (stuffed with toilet paper) and then it occured to me that maybe when he overflowed the toilet 6 weeks ago (stuffed his sisters picture that she painted and flushed) and then I thought "Hey. Maybe it ran in to the basement and was stagnating down there." So I figured I would go check and I opened the door and there were lots of droppings about 3/4" long and it reeked! They have torn up the insulation and stuff. I rent this place and have called the landlord and he is downplaying it and thinks traps will do it but all my stuff is ruined and the house smells. My husband assured me they couldn't get in where we live but then I went to cook dinner and there were droppings in the pan that I wanted to use. Help! I need solutions I can live with because I am afraid to sleep and have stuffed every hole upstairs with whatever I can think of and blocked all the cupbaords with chairs the kids are sleeping in the top bunk. I bought javex to bleach out the cupboards and stuff but part of me is afraid to take all the food out of the cupboards because if I do then will hey venture put further? I don't want to be paranoid about this but this really makes me feel ill. The research that I have done already types them as Norway rats. Is there anything they can't stand the smell of that will deter them naturally because I can't use poison upstairs because of the kids and it causes the rats to hemmorage to death. Don't get me wrong I do want them gone but humane is good if at all possible. Thanks and look forward to your reply.

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