Update on using dishwasher detergent in washer

12 years ago

An ... um, shall we say, interesting ... situation came up in the last week which required serious cleaning power on laundry. Dear hubby and a son worked on son's car for a couple days, and DH didn't always think to change into old clothes first. ACK!!!

Once I got over the shock of finding some of his very best office clothes in the hamper covered in grease (the shoulder of one shirt was completely saturated!), I followed this course of action:

First, I sprayed the grease stains with Shout. I sprayed until they were saturated, especially the really-big and deep stains.

Second, I soaked the shirts and pants in the washer with warm water and 1/2 cup Cascade w/Dawn dishwashing detergent. Some of the clothes' labels say to wash in cold water only, but I knew the clothes would be ruined anyway if I couldn't get the grease out. I soaked them for two days. (yes, really)

On the third day, I let the soak water out (it was black, no surprise there). I then washed the clothes in Tide TotalCare (warm wash, cold rinse) -- which is what I normally use on our nice office/church clothes. I let them soak overnight again.

The next day, I finished out the wash cycle. Vinegar in fabric softener dispenser.

The verdict: (drum roll please, LOL)

Except for one shirt, EVERY BIT of the grease came out! Even the saturated shoulder was completely clean!

On the one shirt, there was a tiny place where grease was barely visible. I didn't want to dry it in, so I sprayed it with Shout again and put it right back on the hamper to dry. It will wash with the next load.

Oh, yes -- I've been using Cascade when I wash white clothes, too. For the guys' really dirty white socks, undies, and T-shirts (some work outdoors, some have outdoor hobbies), I soaked them in hot water and Cascade overnight -- full washer load (4.6 cu ft), so I used 1 cup. I ran that water out the next day and washed them in Tide w/bleach HE (liquid, can't find powder -- one line lower than if I hadn't soaked them in Cascade), used 1/2 c. LCB, and vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser. They came out looking NEW, they were so clean and white.

I am sold on using Cascade as a detergent booster (especially since I can't find 20 Mule Team borax at any stores anymore). It has won nothing but raves from me.

Janet, you had asked about 'dosage' for a FL washer. As you know, my washer is a TL HE Maytag Bravos. My load of white clothes was a HUGE load, completely filled up the washer, so I used a whole cup. For DH's grease-covered shirts and pants which filled only about 1/3 of the washer, I used 1/2 cup. HTH

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