Recessed lights-how far apart

13 years ago

I know there is a lighting forum, but you who have done kitchen read these more. I am to the point of saying how many and where the recessed cans will go.

So what do you think is best as far as distance along a wall of cabinets. The wall I am most questioning is like this:

36" Fridge---21"counter--range w. Micro above--34"counter.

The fridge will be counter depth.

One lighting contractor suggested 3 cans starting with one over fridge, then stove, then last over the 34"counter and the other contractor suggested 2 cans with them being over each of the counters.

Also does distancing them 23-24 inches out from the wall work the best? These are 6"cans in 7 1/2 foot ceilings.

There will be other cans too, but this run is the one that I can't decide on.

Thanks for your thoughts and experience.


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