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10 years ago

I wanted to post in this forum first because the Windows Forum is very pro-replacement windows. I have 30 original, wood double hung windows that vary between 8/1, 12/1 16/1 and 20/1 panes. My wife and I want to keep the windows because we love the look and style. I have zero skills in construction other than manual labor, landscaping and outdoor equipment, so I am looking at hiring someone to restore these windows.

Of the 30 windows, 28 are working well and 2 have broken chains. All the windows have new storms. I had a quote to restore 5 of the living room windows. These windows have the worst glazing and are in the roughest shape. The contractor is providing:

Sashes are removed from openings, storm to serve as

temporary window while wood sashes are out. Exteriors to

be stripped down to bare wood, all glazing removed, glass

left in place. Windows to be repaired where needed and

reglazed with high quality flexible compound (to be named), primed with oil based primer and top coated with two coats of latex white finish paint. Zinc weatherstripping to be applied at all friction and meeting points to insure tight fit around entire perimeter of both sashes. Existing parting beads and stops to be reused. Newly glazed sashes to be re-hung in openings with new chain and salvaged hardware. Sashes to ride smoothly and quietly and

meet in the middle evenly. No refinishing of interiors is

included except minor touch ups where necessary because

of removal process.

The cost of $360.00 per window. I have two other quotes coming next week, but I am curious if anyone is familiar with the costs and if the estimate is high, middle or low. My initial reaction was a little high, but I am not too sure. I am in New Jersey if that helps.

Thanks for your help!

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