Starting a professional organizing business..advice?

13 years ago


Recently I sat down and tried to figure out what I wanted to be "when I grew up". I decided that first off, I want to be then the next question was..."what makes me happy?"..and the answer was: decluttering and organizing..neat and tidy spaces make my heart go pitter pat. I drive my family crazy with my organization obsession...(how many times can a pantry be reorganized before it becomes a problem or a sickness??). I've run out of spaces in my house to organize, and run out of willing victims (my family) to let me organize their personal spaces.

I've done a ton of research and have decided that I would love to become a professional organizer. I am having a hard time finding "real" classes (like at the local community college or adult education center)...I've run across many e-classes/webinars (web seminars) but I would prefer something "real" (I still have a hard time convincing myself that "online courses" are a practical and useful way to learn). Are there any professional organizers on here? How would you recommend getting started? I want to start with baby steps, educating myself (I've already signed up for small business classes at the local community college), certifications (Napo?)...I am not particularly concerned about finding customers, my many realtor friends are clamoring for me to help them get their clients organized and de-cluttered prior to listing their homes for sale. I do want to make sure I go about this the proper way, and learn all I can before jumping in...any suggestions?

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