Custom slip cover for old sofa?

10 years ago

How cost effective is it to have a slipcover made for a sofa rather than purchasing something new? I don't have any experience with custom slipcovers, so I have no idea where to even go for this service or how much I would have to spend. I'm specifically interested in slipcovers, not actual re-upholstery. Can some please educate me?

Background -

W have a sofa and love seat purchased 12 years ago at Macys. To this day, we love these sofas. They are unbelievably comfortable and in pristine condition. However, we are now redecorating our home and the color (midnight blue brushed velvet) and style (oversized, stuffed) are just too "heavy" for our current home and decor plans. It occurred to me that if I re-cover the sofas in a lighter, off-white fabric, I can soften the look and get away without having to buy new sofas. I could certainly use the money on other items on my list!

Thanks so much!


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