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Vellux/velux blankets made in USA?

February 12, 2012

I am one of the few (it appears) people who loves Vellux blankets. The only ones I have seen in the stores are junk made in China. Has anyone seen a high quality vellux blanket lately? Thanks.

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  • cat_ky

    I do not like the Vellux blankets, but, I do have some of them. Martex used to be USA made. It no longer is. As far as I know the only company that is USA made is West Point Steven's Vellux Blankets. Sears did sell them at one time. I dont know if they still do.

  • les917

    I don't know if this is accurate, but this website says the West Point Home vellux blankets are still made in the USA, all the other Martex products are off shore:

    our american store

    I remember having one in high school - hated the feel of it. But to each their own!

  • avesmor

    I really like my Vellux blankets. We had to replace some that were damaged when we moved last year. DH ordered the ones from the Walmart website. They're not the same as our others (which were old, but still looked new) but they're fine. I'm not sure where they're made. So hard to find Vellux, everything is now microfiber.

  • Kathie738 P

    A heads up on your Vellux blanket..do not store them in a space bag or in a hot area, they have to breathe.
    I stored one away for the Summer in a space bag in the attic and when I went to use it in the Fall I washed it before putting it on the bed...when I opened the washing machine I couldn't believe my eyes, the whole blanket de-laminated! All there was was shredded mesh and pounds of wet fuzz...the blanket was a black queen size so you can imagine the mess.I'm lucky it didn't kill my machine.
    I called Martex and they replaced the blanket but the person I spoke with said to never store them in an air tight bag or a hot area...I had the care tag and this was not mentioned on it and they said it wasn't an uncommon problem and they wished the tag was changed to state this.
    They recommended washing them so they don't dry out.

  • cat_ky

    I was in JC Penney late yesterday, looking at some sheets, so I checked out their blankets, since the ones that I have are made in USA, were bought at JCPenney, and are Martex brand. JC Penney still sells Martex, but, they now say that they are imported. I think they seem a bit thinner than the ones that I have, although, they are pretty similar. I ended up not buying any sheets, since I needed black ones, and was in there returning a set of black microfiber ones I had bought. Used one time for guest, that wore flannel pj's. Only way to get the fuzz off them is by using a lint roller, and I will be darned, if I am going to use a lint roller on sheets. Until I can find some decent ones, I picked up a set of cheap percale from Family dollar for that bed. Not what I plan on leaving there since it is the guest bedroom, but they are cheap enough to work for extra once I find some good ones.

  • maid_o_cliff

    I really love my vellux blankets, needed to replace one on my bed for a different color, went BB&B and was shocked their were none.
    Has anyone bought the martex ones from Penneys?
    I see they do say, imported, one guess would be China.


    Here is a link that might be useful: martex

  • maid_o_cliff

    OOOps, guess I must have been away from my computer, my apologies cat ky.


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