Giving your cat Metronidazole, a technique

March 1, 2013

Cats hate the taste of Metronidazole. No, they REALLY hate the taste of metronidazole. If you are unfortunate enough to have to dose your pet with this loathsome substance, you likely have already discovered that after the first dose given to your sweet and unsuspecting little kitty, the second and following doses go much, much worse.

My little angel, Smith, has had to have several courses as he has spent the last four years struggling with some intestinal ailment(s). His reactions have ranged from a) digging a claw out of the cat burrito and inserting it firming into the hand with the syringe or pill and pulling firmly. b) sinking his teeth into the hand with the syringe or pill c) holding the pill in his mouth while drooling furiously for as long as I cared to hold him, at which case he would eject any remaining undissolved portion. d) Running furiously from me and cowering under things yowling at the top of his lungs when he heard the pill bottle............. you get the idea.

He was the absolute worst to dose, and I literally thought one of us might not survive the course of medicine. And not because of his ailment.

So, eventually, common sense sunk in. I had a hard time taking pills as a child. I had difficulty swallowing them and they would stick in my throat. My mother used to use applesauce to help with this. Cats, of course, do not like apple sauce, and MY cats wouldnt eat a pill pocket if they were starving. (Been there, tried that.)

So, I developed the Smith technique, and I hope it helps some poor soul who finds themselves in the unfortunate position of having to dose a pet with Metronidazole.

First, if your Vet has given you liquid, and your cat is just drooling it all over the place, or ejecting it, go back and get pills.

While you are out, get a couple jars of meat baby food. The mushy kind, and NOT the kind with veggies added. Just plain mushed meat, chicken, beef, whatever.

Using a syringe, (NOT one with a needle attached, just the syringe itself) draw up some of the baby food into the syringe. If you have multiple pills, you may need more than one loaded syringe so you can move quickly.

With the cat between your legs, back end of the cat towards your crotch, head facing outward, insert the syringe into the side of the cats mouth just behind the fang, and squirt a little of the baby food in.

Then set the syringe down, grab up the pill, and quickly open the cats mouth and place the pill as far back as it will go, (within reason of course, don't choke the poor thing) then hold kitty's head up and mouth closed.

Quickly, speed is essential, grab the syringe and once again insert it behind the fang and squirt in at a reasonable pace the remainder of the baby food.

By priming your cats mouth with something unexpectedly tasty, you will surprise it, and, more importantly, coat the inside of its mouth with something tasty. That way, when you insert the pill, its taste buds are shielded a bit from the vile and hated medicine.

The second dose of baby food helps them swallow the pill and then chases the nasty taste away.

Good luck! I know there are other techniques, using water as a chaser, or having the medicine compounded with something better tasting, but this is very easy, very accessible, and it hides the taste of the medicine much better than a water chaser.

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