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Moving away from my cat - Will she be alright?

14 years ago

I'll explain the situation quickly and I hope anyone with advice or, especially, experience in similar situations, will reply.

I have been living at home with my parents while going to university and have just recently finished my degree. All the best jobs are quite a distance (three days drive, or a few provinces over, here in Canada). My cat is very attached to me. She'll sleep beside me every night and always loves to be around me. My parents are great with her also (petting, playing, brushing, etc), but she seems more attached to me than them.

So, if I move away, will she be alright, or will the sudden loss of her best friend (me for the ages since she's twelve years old) stress her out too much? If I moved close by I could visit her and, hopefully, slowly get her used to my absence (being replaced by more attention from my parents). But if I move far away (it's about 2700 kilometers), I won't realistically be able to visit except for a flight once in a while. This means that her separation from me would be immediate and absolute (being a couple months for sure at first).

So she'll have friends she's used to, just not her favourite one, the one she sleeps beside all the time and who gives her the most attention. I know cats don't like change, especially older cats like mine. And there it is. Does anyone have advice? Has anyone been in a similar situation where they had to leave their cat with other familiar family members or, perhaps, have some parents on this forum had their child leave for a job or school (a complete absence is what I'm talking about) and have the cat stay home?

This is worrying me quite a bit and I can't take a job far away if it would hurt my cat (not eating, etc), which is making the job hunt hard. I don't mind getting a job nearby, it's just that the ones farther away are much higher paying. So if I can find out how things will turn out with my cat, I can make a good decision that will be best for her.

Thanks in advance for the answers, it's all very important to me and I can't make a permanent decision with all this uncertainty.

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