cell phone down toilet -- help

14 years ago

I am pretty sure my cell phone got flushed down the toilet -- please don't laugh. The toilet flushes slowly but still flushes...other toilets in the house are fine.

I have several questions for advice:

(1) is it likely that the phone is in the trap in the toilet? I tried poking around with a coat hanger but couldn't really tell and I'm afraid to use a snake for fear of wedging it in further.

(2)If so, what would be the best way to get it out? The toilet has it's own clean out plug and I first thought that maybe pushing a snake UP would dislodge the phone -- would this work? The other option I guess would be to take up the toilet?

(3) Regarding the clean out does not have a 'nut' on the end that I can turn with a wrench. Instead it has a recess, sort of like for a flat head screwdriver only much bigger. Do you need some special tool to get this thing out or how do you uncrew it?

thanks very much for any advice you can give.

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