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Chiefneil's pool

September 3, 2005

The pool is finally done! I should have some night photos to add to this thread in the next couple days. Interior finish is Pebbleshee, decking and coping are honed unfilled travertine pavers.

Here's DD walking on water. This pic was taken late in the day and you can see the water color is a slate blue, on its way to looking more emerald in the fading light.

The pool from the other side. You can see the bbq and playstructure in the background. This photo was taken in the morning, so the water color is a much brighter, truer blue.

Another look at the water color and infinity/negative edge.

Firepit and gazebo.

Here's the waterfall and sheer descents in action.

The pond has real river stone and seashells from DD's collection picked on beaches around the world. It's an interesting juxtaposition next to the pebblesheen which is meant to mimic river pebbles and has shell fragments.

This yard is kiddie heaven. That's the grill in the foreground, grassy area with in-ground trampoline and playstructure behind it.

Here's a bird's eye view taken from the top of the playstructure. BBQ with flanking drawers and fridge in the foreground, firepit and gazebo in the background.

Here's the side yard - we have a nice little patio on that side. Rabbits have been going to town on my grass, causing all the dead spots. Gotta figure out some was to keep them out.

Comments (26)

  • camermom

    Absolutely breathtaking! Your pool and yard are to die for. Love your view as well. Congratulations!

  • willweeverbedone

    Amazing! Very beautiful job.


  • Scooter11

    I have been waiting for more pictures! Your pool and yard are fantastic!


  • angisimpsondotcom

    beautiful...I was going to ask you if your daughter was a gymnast....then I spotted the tramp in the ground! ;)

  • kbkb

    WOW! It's wonderful. You must be so happy that you are all done!

    The inground trampoline is very nice... do you worry about critters living underneath? My kids have been BUGGING me to get a trampoline. This is a very cool idea, but we have rattlesnakes in our area. I wonder if it would be a problem.

  • waterbaby_in_PA

    I don't think we'll see your name in "what would you have done different."

    It's absolutey perfect for everyone in all age groups. I really like the rocks/shells in the pond. Good idea.

    Enjoy every minute of it. Long time getting there but definitely worth it now.


  • chiefneil

    Thanks everyone! We're very happy with the way everything turned out. Our house was new construction, so we actually started this journey about 18 months ago when our lot was just dirt. We moved in around January, and landscaping and pool started in March. Our landscaper was grumbling that he seriously underbid our job, but kudos to him for sticking it out and not taking any shortcuts towards the end.

    The in-ground trampoline cost us about $600 for installation, and another $200 or so for the trampoline. I wasn't crazy about the idea, but DD and the landscaper kept bugging me for months until I finally gave in. My landscaper says his customers that get the trampoline use it more than anything else, and he was totally right. DD is on it every day.

    KBKB - the trampoline is over a 4-foot deep hole, so no worries about critters. The sides of the hole are reinforced with concrete block (like a round retaining wall), which is why installation cost so much. It's awesome since you don't have to worry about kids falling off and breaking bones.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the pebblesheen is Ocean Blue. Had to throw that in there for the search engine in case anybody is looking for photos of it later.

  • huskyrider

    What an AWESOME poolscape!!!
    You certainly covered every base of backyard enjoyment.
    Way to go.

    See Ya,

  • RosiMama

    What a beautfiul yard--- you've done a perfect job! Bravo to you and your family! Send us some pics of what your yard looks like at night.

  • gaylek

    Absolutely beautiful pool and yard! The colors are so complementary! I like all the little/big touches that you added that make your yard so special! Know you will enjoy it so much....especially with that awesome view!
    I look forward to the night photos. I can imagine justhow wonderful and beautiful they will be! Thank you for sharing. I know you must be very pleased on the outcome of your projects as well as seeing them completed. Will you take time to enjoy them now that they are complete or do you have other projects?

  • CalvinCheng

    Man, its paradise in your backyard. Youll never have to go on a vacation again (C= Great job.

  • padrefan

    Can I move in?

  • Bklawgal

    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!!

    P.S. Good luck with the rabbits. You should see our yard!!! We have chicken wire up on the bottom of all of the wrought iron fencing, but they still get in.

    Congrats on the pool.

  • robotbike

    Looks like my neighborhood in north Scottsdale!

    Great job on your backyard!

  • kristenfl

    Your pool has to be one of my favorites! It is so well done. Perfect! They rest of your "resort" is terrific, too!

    What brand of tile did you use? It's very nice. As others have said, your color combo. is smashing!


  • chiefneil

    Hi Kristen - the tile is from Noble Tile Supply. I was originally planning on using a glass mosaic tile, but with cost overruns we ended up just going with a standard tile. We're pretty happy with it - it blends in nicely with the overall color scheme of the house and landscaping, so I don't miss the glass tile too much.

    Here's some night photos. This first one shows some nice accent lights that are on the interior side of the posts of the gazebo. The gazebo is raised, and has two demilune steps. We need to get some furniture in there, but the retaining walls also provide informal seating and there are lights hidden under the ledge of the wall as well. My landscaper is nuts about stacked stone - you can see stacked stone running around the base of the retaining walls and also the base of the gazebo floor.

    You can see the two pool lights in this photo - they back on to the spa and face away from the house. They're small, spa-sized lights. There are nice wash lights on the pillars/woks and pygmy palms

    This is a very dramatic shot showing the whole backyard. I love all the hidden under-ledge lights in all the low walls. All the trees also have wash lights as well. Now I need to go buy some nice patio furniture and kick back!

  • backintheUSA

    Wow- if I could redo my pool I would totally copy your pool. It is just out of this world! I think your pool is my favorite of all the really beautiful pools in this forum.

  • drextow

    That is an awesome pool and yard. You can tell so much thought went into every last detail I am very impressed!


  • johnny_depth

    Two words...

    Your pool and landscaping is one of my favorites. Congratulations to a job well don. Enjoy...

  • swimsoon


  • tardzilla

    Wow. I need a new job. What do you do?

  • angs_pool

    It's BEAUTIFUL!! I'm sure your loving it!!

  • Lindsey_CA

    Your pool and Belly's pool are my two most favorite. Both have total elegance and class.


  • chiefneil

    You guys are all too nice! Thanks for all the kind words - we've really been enjoying the pool and landscaping since it's been completed. Now that the weather is cooling off I'm looking forward to getting some nice outdoor furniture and spending more time outside learning how to use the rotisserie and smoker on my grill!

  • angs_pool

    Chiefneil, I don't want your beautiful pool pictures to be lost in cyber space so I'm bumping you up!!!

  • chiefneil

    Sorry about the broken links - here's a link to my new photo album:

    Here is a link that might be useful: Pool album

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